Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200

Hello Everyone. Besides general discussion of the 2200, Im creating this to help solve an issue with the 2200 I own and to see if its not a single incident or normal in this model.

Bought a used 2200 some time ago. All works fine as far as I can tell, only field tested it once since I got it, but the issue is that if I plug in my headphones the machine freezes and doesnt unfreeze until i pop out a battery. The screen just sticks on the last depth reading it hit and only goes away once its turned off via battery, power button doesnt work when frozen.

I used a standard duel volume variety of stereo headphones with a normal jack with a high quality gold stereo adapter. this works fine on my Whites machine albeit in mono not stereo on that machine. I have been luck on rare occasions for it to work with the headphones plugged in but most times it freezes.

Has anyone experienced this type of issue?

Also if anyone does have this machine, what is its reliability and does it tend to work well. I have read that its a decent machine, and opinions?