Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

I don't own a metal detector yet - unless you count a magnet tied to a stick. But I think the Gold Digger would be a good thing to start with. It looks decent, it has trash discrimination, it apparently finds coins up to 6" deep, and it's a good price. After using this for a while, I plan on switching to something bigger, like an Ace 150 or maybe 250. Does anyone own a Gold Digger? Is it any good?


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They Sell the Sizzle not the Steak

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is an impressive name, but lacks substance as a metal detector. You may be chomping at the bit to get started in the hobby, but save your change for at least an Ace 150 for your first machine.

Despite our hopes and dreams. for most people their first detector is their only detector. If you get something that can't give you a minimum of results, or a reasonable return on your investment time for the hobby, you could get discouraged.
The name Gold Digger gives you big dreams with small results.

Good Luck with whatever you buy.
I just got my first a few weeks ago and it is a Bounty Hunter Lone Star. I have had good results with it so far. I found a 1967 dime at about 8" yesterday evening. After learning the detector you can understand what it is telling you. This is just an idea for you. I think it is like everything eles in life you get what you pay for. Like mentioned above, hold out and get the best you can afford. I will be upgrading mine before long but it is a good starter unit.
Get a Ace 250, great starter unit that will last for a while. Had mine 2 1/2 years before I upgraded to AT Pro. Found alot of treasure with it, and you can get them for 179.00.