Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Ground Balance Modification

Ground Balance Switch Modification

This modification corrects an intermittent problem with defective ground balance switch on the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro metal detectors.

Recently, I was having issues with the ground balance front panel membrane switch on the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro.
The switch was not always working properly and would not properly start the ground balancing. It was intermittent at best, and was just not working as it should.

On my previous "pin point" mod Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Pinpoint Modification Pin Point Mod
I installed two different switches for pin pointing.

To correct the intermittent/defective ground balance original front panel membrane switch, I disconnected the "Green" switch I originally used and hooked the "Green"
push button switch to the circuit board as shown in the pictures. Now the green push button switch is exclusively used for ground balancing.

It works awesome now. Solder "Green" switch to areas that are marked in red.

I hope this helps others. Please see my previous mod for more information and pictures