bounty hunter outlaw tr/bfo

I was wondering if anyone could peg down a year on my vintage bountyhunter outlaw tr/bfo detector, Ive been useing it up until a week ago and it works very well although I now noticed how outdated technology it is compared to my new one lol... It has two search coils a round 6 inch as well a 6x9 triple induction coil, also original headphones Its darn heavy and because of my fibromialgia I have a hard time carrying it around for any length of time so i probably wont hang on to it anymore I have attatched a pic of it as well thanx for any help


Saw your post in TQ forum. I just purchased this same BH Outlaw TR/BFO unit at a thrift store today. I can't find a manual. Do you have a copy or could you direct me to a source? Did you find out how old this unit is? I am looking forward to using this device. Mine looks brand new! Regards, RMMc, Dallas, TX