Bounty Hunter Platinum

Anybody have one of these and if so, how do you like it. Just heard about them today and they do not seem to be your ordinary run of the mill BH detector. Although most of the Bh detector do a real good job, especially for the price, this looks like it ought to be a real winner. So, What do you think of them?
Yea, and since

Fisher and BH are now one in the same it could be a Fisher. So on the detectors with the 2 digit numerical readout like this, would Gold come up as the same number as pull tabs or a nickle or would this type machine make knowing if you are about to dig a gold ring easier?


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By the name of the detector I think it would make it easier to find platinum....:alcoholic:alcoholic:lol:

It does look like it could be a great detector for sure....


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First Texas now makes bounty hunter, fisher and teknetics. i dont know if the circuitry is the same or not. but in answer to your question i would have to say no, gold is gonna read just like any other machine, nickle pull tab range.
Glad I found this thread! I bought a Platinum Pro from Cabela's. It was kind of a leap of faith. I may have paid too much, but I got a ton of gift cards for christmas, so what the heck??!
My experience with it thus far has been limited due to the weather, but in the 2 hours that I've managed to be out, I'd say it works well. Lots of good hits, easy to work with and understand ( I'm a total beginner), and I have great expectations.
I did not realize it was so new. I've been trying to find out more about it, but it's not even listed yet on the BH website I found! Thought for a minute I'd been hosed. Glad I wasn't.
As the weather improves, I will be out alot with it, and will update here and give you all a beginner's take on the machine.
I have alos ordered a Garrett's Propointer. Learned the first half hour I was out that it would save me lots of digging and aggravation. In anticipation of being able t work some Lake Erie beaches I also have a scoop coming. All dressed up and nowhere to go! C'mon Spring!!!
BH Platinum Pro

New member here, so this reply is a couple of years late.

I use this unit - which appears to be identical to the Teknetics Gamma 6000. It seems to be a really decent coin shooter. Accurate and deep. The Pin-Point feature has saved a lot of digging and almost eliminates the need for a separate pin-pointer.

It seems to be a little fragile and the control box is vulnerable, but the operation is as good as any MD I have owned.