Bounty Hunter Platinum


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After a lot of research I have decided to buy this detector. When all was said and done it just seems like this detector offers a lot of bang for the buck. I can't wait to try it out!!!


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Well I got the machine yesterday and was able to get out in the backyard for an hour today to test it out. This thing is already paying for itself. Here is what I found:
1978 Penny
1976 Penny
1966 Penny
1960 Penny
1940 Wheat

This machine is awesome!! I can't wait to get out again!!!


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I know this is an older thread but I almost bought one of those Platinums myself.I saw alot of good reviews and videos on YouTube so I placed a WTB BH Platinum ad on the Treasure Depot classified forum and was offered the Gamma (basically 1st cousin to the Platinum)that I now have with the 11"DD coil for $275 shipped!:D It was like new with the mylar still on the screen:eek: when I took it out of the original box. Anyway, I agree that for a new machine in that price range, the Platinum is the best bang for the buck hands down. Just put a DD on that thing and really see it's potential. Good luck with it, you made a good choice.:D