Bounty Hunter Quick Draw11



There is a tutorial on the BH site for your detector-

I have the SSII which is similar enough for me to suggest using ALL METAL DISC mode and using the discrimination knob on the right to tune out small iron such as nails. This mode will enable you to find gold rings. A Coin mode may descriminate out small gold items. Your manual may describe using this mode and systematically discriminating items out in a Quick Start Demo section such as:

a. Wave the nail and slowly turn the Disc/Notch Knob clockwise until the
nail is eliminated.
b. Continue eliminating objects one-by-one, by turning the Disc/Notch Knob
clockwise as you wave each object. Stop turning after the zinc penny is
c. The objects will be eliminated in this order:
1) Nail 2) Nickel 3) Penny

**(Add a gold ring to this DEMO to determine where you lose it)

I usually hunt with the sensitivity at 12 O’clock and the Disc at 10 O’clock because I have highly mineralized soil and a ton of nails in my yard. You need to experiment and YES, dig all repeatable signals as it most likely says in you manual. This will help you learn what your detector is telling you.

Good Luck!
Quickdraw II

I own 1 and am very well pleased with it . been using it for over six mos. i just a new got a GTI 2500. I've been checking the same sites over and guess what i'm finding out. I've passed up a few deeper items with the bounty, but not many. I have to learn more about new machine before i make a conclusion. But i have to say ,the BH has done a real good job for me .It took me a little time to learn a soda can from a quarter, It will take some time to learn your machine so remember , low and slow .Good hunting. Charles in W.V.