Bounty Hunter

Does anyone have any opinions about Bounty Hunter metal detectors?
I am a beginner looking for a reasonably priced detector that will work well enough to keep me interested in case I want to move up to a more professional model.
If you are in the $200 range, the ACE250 is a super entry level detector. It gives you some of the more advanced features at a very reasonable cost.
Price range

If it were up to me, I would probably go for the Garrett Ace250, since I've heard plenty of good things about it. My wife on the other hand would prefer that we spend a bit less for a beginner model. I would say $150 range would be safe. I'm not set on Bounty Hunter. Any good model in that price range. Or do I need to convince my wife that the Ace250 will be a better investment?


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The ace 250 or the Fisher F2 would be a better investment @ around $200 you could re-sale either and get your money back, I have heard that Radio Shack has a 3300 Discovery for Cheap, Its suppose to be a Deep machine not sure about the warranty as its owned by First texas which Now has the Fisher models and has 5 year warrantys..The ace 250 seems to be what alot of folks here use and love..But sometimes you have to do what you can to get started..The Better BH models will cost a bit more.Check out the sponsers here and give them a call they are all good folks..welcome to TQ..I am sure lots more folks will chime in..james
I may catch some flack for this, but I would find a used Ace 250 before I would buy a bounty hunter new. I'm just not keen on the workmanship of a BH. JMHO!


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Good Call Arkwater!

A metaldetector that gives you a lot of trouble will only lead to your becoming frustrated and quitting this hobby before you start. You could fill a landfill with all of the cheapo metaldetectors that have been given as Xmas presents and wound up in the back closet after only a few hunts.

I started with a Bounty Hunter. I now have an ACE 250. Within the $200 price range, I'd definitely go ACE. I sure do like mine.


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Welcome to the site Octavio! Glad that you stopped by. If you are set at the $150.00 range I would also suggest a Tesoro Compadre. It does not have a VID but is a sweet machine for the money. The fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty is nice. I see them for $155.00.

If you can jump up to $200 the F2 & Ace 250 are nice units. Good luck to you, Beale.
:wave: Hi, Hey EBCIII I Am Actually Thinking About Getting One Of Those Tesoro Compadres..I Here They Are The Bees Knees For Cherry Picking In Heavy Trash Areas.. I Can't Really Say If They Would Be Good For All Around Hunting Though....Thanks