British signature cover.....need help on this one

From the land of the Bluenose.....picked this one up a time ago in a trade. Think but not sure it is a rugby team and could use some help on it. Recall that the signatures were in fact team members of that sport.


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Rugby it is, here's a bit of info on it and the link below to the site it came from. Cool that your covers have signatures!

The new Melrose winners, the Thistles, were the Scotland international sevens team, made up of bright young academy hopes; some with innate sevens skills and others using intense sevens exposure to develop into full Test contenders. Some will question why the team was at Melrose at all, a tournament known since 1883 as a 'club' event. But in striving to improve and develop sevens at a time when ever-more congested seasons are squeezing out such great social tournaments, Melrose have long had international stars in various guises at the Greenyards.

Thistles ensure a Scots sting in tail at Melrose - Sport