Can This Be True?

Gordon needs a pacemaker difibulator placed in his chest. We went to his appointment in Augusta,GA. today. We asked alot of questions of course, one of them was about Metal detecting after surgery. Dr told us Gordon will have to give up the hobby and cannot be around the detectors due to the Magnetic field, Can this be true?? how much of a magnetic field does a metal detector have? I feel like it is the end of the world. I am crushed, if this is the case. Does anybody know? Is there one detector that does not give off more than another? Could he be wrong. Please help.
Gordon and I do this as a couple and I feel if he cannot detect I will give up the hobby too. We truly love to metal detect, But Gordons life depends on this surgery. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.



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Don't Really Know

This say's NOT...BUT...I'm not a doctor either...I will be checking into this as much as I can for your and Gordon's sake...SAY IT AIN'T SO !

I'm on the phone with a person about it right now. He is checking and is going to call someone who sells the defib units. Keep the faith!
Hey Pappy,
I'm looking for an excuse to talk to Garrett about my ACE anyway but I don't want to interfere with what you're doing for G.G. Mind if I call Garrett's in the AM and talk to them about possible interference with defibs or had you already planned to do that?
GG_ Just to give you some hope while waiting on an answer, here's a couple options so don't fear all is lost.

Maybe you could operate the MD with Gordon at a safe distance, pinpoint & turn-off the detector, let him handle the recovery.

Also, of it's a matter of alittle distance between Gordon & the coil.....maybe we can come-up with an extended shaft that will keep him a safe distance from the coil (if that's the end of the machine causing any problem.

Don't lose hope.........

A guy I work with has one & it takes a large field to mess with his. such as a wielder or power transformer. He has used my detector in his yard to find property pins without any problem. When he checks his pacemaker via phone with the doctor he has a 5lb magnet that he holds up to his chest to cause his heart to race. Hope this helps. Please be sure to check with a professional to be sure though!:smile:


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G.G. my dad had a pace maker and he detected all the time, and the info Pappy provided also says ok, but maybe not all pace makers are the same, I would get second opinion from another Dr.! I hope Gordie stays well and can detect! Please keep us posted thanks!


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Wow you people are quick,or I am slow I started my post right after Pappys! Things seem to be looking up for Gordie Hope so!
Nothing against the doc.......but MDing is a form of exersize, and is good for the mind as well as the body......which does little to aid in the business of "repeat customers", if you get my drift.

Thank you all for your help, I was just defastated when w left the Drs. office and Gordon was saying what he don't know............ But now we have a glimmer of hope. I am sooo happy to have all of you. thanks:wave:


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Yes Christine, I would get another opinion to be sure on this... Hopefully it will not mess with his pace maker.Some one should be able to tell you something...Good luck...Buster....:icon_conf


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I Bet Your Doctor Knows as Much About Metal Detectors as

You and Gordie Know About Pacemakers.

Be Kewl and Check It Out For Yourself,


PS - Statistically the most likely place for any of us to die is in a hospital, not a very encouraging vote for the medical system.


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Hi GG,I would get a second opinon as BDA said your dr.probably dont have a clue about metal detectors. I dont think it should be a problem.I know of one person that found a pretty large treasure that has a pacemaker and he detected all the time.He said that when he found his treasure that his heart was pounding pretty bad and had him worried but i dont think it was because of the detector ! :icon_wink One thing you might want to concider looking into is what the procedure would be when someone with a pacemaker has to pass through a metal detector at an airport.And if that type detector would be the same as one that we would use.It's not like your going to be getting that close to the coil.

Steve in PR

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From the American Heart Association website:

Devices with risk

Anti-theft systems, also called electronic article surveillance (EAS) and metal detectors —Interactions with EAS systems and metal detectors are unlikely to cause clinically significant symptoms in most patients. However, the American Heart Association recommends that you:
  • Be aware that EAS systems may be hidden/camouflaged in entrances and exits in many commercial establishments.
  • Don't stay near the EAS system or metal detector longer than is necessary and don't lean against the system.
  • If scanning with a hand-held metal detector is necessary, warn the security personnel that you have an electronic medical device and ask them not to hold the metal detector near the device any longer than is absolutely necessary. You could also ask for an alternative form of personal search.
Here's the link:


It seems that as long as he is not real close to the coil, there should not be a problem. The EAS systems they talk about there are the ones at the exits of stores.
GG... All those metal detectors at airports don't seem to cause problems and I'm guessing, but I've got to believe that they are stronger than our detectors.

I'd get a better explanation from the doc. He may have just been covering his backside, for insurance purposes.


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I think the doc is covering his butt also, He has no choice, but I am no Doc.
My Gmother had a pacemaker and md'ed too. and that was back in the early to mid 60's.


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I might add this tiny perspective. (don't hit me guys) Giving up detecting would be a small price to pay to be able to stay with you. JC