Can This Be True?

I just got off the phone with Melinda Harper, who is in the Customer Service Hobby Division of Garrett Metal Detectors. She stated they get this question alot. She also stated that as long as the coil faces the ground, there's no problem using an MD with a defib. They know of a lot of people who MD with defibs. She emailed me Garrett's Safety Letter covering medical implants. It reads:

September 25, 2001

Garrett Metal Detectors makes every effort to insure that its products are safe for its users. Listed below are four standards that address the electromagnetic radiation safety for walk-through and hand-held metal detectors. The Garrett lines of walk-through and hand-held metal detectors have been tested by the engineering staff of Garrett Metal Detectors and have been found to meet the requirements of each of these standards.

1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: "IEEE Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, 3 kHz to 300 GHz", IEEE C95.1-1991 section 4.1.2.

2. Occupational and Safety Health Administration, "Radiation Protection Guide", CFR 1910.97 section (2) i.

3 National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: "Standard for Walk-Through Metal Detectors for Use in Weapons Detection", NILECJ-STD-0601.00 (1974) Section 4.11 and "Standard for Hand-held Metal Detectors for Use in Weapons Detection", NILECJ-STD-0602.00 (1974) Section 4.5.

4. Canada Health and Welfare: "Performance Standards (Walk Through)", RPB-SC-18 Section 3.2.2, which addresses the issue of electromagnetic effects on cardiac pacemakers.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States issued the following recommendations for users of electronic medical devices in its 1998 statement covering walk-through and hand-held metal detectors. "If scanning with a hand held metal detector is necessary, warn the security personnel that you have an electronic medical device and ask them not to hold the metal detector near the device any longer than is absolutely necessary; or you may wish to ask for an alternate form of personal search." No restrictions for users of electronic medical devices were recommended with respect to walk-through detectors. The full text of this statement may be found at Important Information on Anti-Theft and Metal Detector Systems and Pacemakers, ICDs, and Spinal Cord Stimulators.

Garrett research has produced no information that would indicate that its products have adverse effects on medical implants, pregnancy, recording media, or magnetic strips. Any additional recommendations or directives issued by personal physicians or medical equipment manufacturers should be followed. Please feel free to contact me should you have further questions concerning this matter.

Robert Podhrasky
Vice President
Director of
Research and Development

(I've highlighted the best part.)

Christine, I think you use a White detector so I would recommend that you call their tech suppport staff and inquire. I would also recommend that the final verdict be that of a medical professional and I definitely agree with JC. Having said that, at least what I learned from Garrett, should give you hope.

Best wishes and blessings to you and Gordon.

GG- I think your initial post has been helpful to alot of folks who may have the same medical condition as Gordon (or know someone who does). It appears not alot of people knew the actual answer so alot of good, factual, documented information has been given in this post. I'd print-out some of those more factual ones & take them to the doctor with you. He can reconsider his initial opinion as well as know the next time, should he treat another patient with a similar condition.

JC- lol....not coming-down on you :icon_tong But speaking from experience, someone who was used to being active who can no longer do the things most take for granted, also have to deal with the mental side of this. Boredom and depression are terrible things to fight. Something as simple as getting out once or twice a week can do wonders for a persons attitude. You have to find something which is interesting, or you simply won't enjoy it, and if you don't.....there's little purpose in doing it. MDing causes little physical strain (to most), and it's something thatcan be done at ones own "pace".

I could certainly understand ones "devistation" if they feared they could no longer MD, it's a great hobby which keeps one mind & body as busy as they want it to (or as they are able to). Thankfully, this appears it's not going to be the situation in Gordons case.

I want to thank you all for the information and suggestions to help us. I did call Whites support office and they informed me that Gordon CAN metal detect as long as he keeps the coil at foot level and not near the device itself.
JC I totally agree with what you said and I would give up breathing for Gordon to be healthy again.

Pappy and NCHL Thank you for doing so much research on the matter.

Yesterday was one of those days that you just wanted to end until I came here and saw that young Dylan was getting his detector and all my friends at TQ Cared enough to help us again.

Y'all so wonderful, And NCHL I think your cute:biggrin:
Hi Christine, I want to say I am in hope's that this will actually help him to get a better life, As for metal detecting the field from the detector coil is very weak compared to other devices that are working with electromagnetics. I have a friend that got one and he is a Ham Radio op. like me. The signal from his transmitter did interfere with his pacemaker and he had to give up Ham Radio. But the energy from an HF transmitter like he and I use is hundreds of times stronger and it is RF. So don't worry and he can keep metal detecting Christine. So God Bless you both and I know all will be well. Y'all take care now.

John Tomlinson,CET:wave:


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Wow GG, I think the Final Verdict will be that Gordon will Not Have to give Up detecting. God Bless everyone that researched the Info to help with GGs fears. Have You's in my thoughts and Prayers !!!!!
I am glad that you and Gorden are able to Md Good luck on your finds! Good job everyone who helped with the info.! :multi::icon_tong


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I'm glad it all settled down!

I worked for a Micro Wave company and we had a man that had one. He would go in the Radio shelter with us and you could feel the hair on your neck stand up the fields were so strong. He never wigged out! :bthumb:


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Ive got a pace maker

havent had any problems with it ,Doc told me no drills or power tools things if that nature ,way i look at it if im going to go id drather be metal detecting :smile:...Creek
Pacemaker and detecting

I have had a pacemaker for almost 4 years and have been detecting for 6 months. I have not had any problems with the Detector or pacemaker. I also weld on occasions. I consulted with the maker of the pacemaker about welding and they sent me a list of precautions and I have done O.K. with welding. My pacemaker is a Biotronik and they were very helpfull to talk to.
Strange, as a Title Abstractor who checks courthouse records everyday in several counties - we all have to go through that 3-D security detector and I've never seen a warning anywhere before entering them. And when you set one off the deputies check your body thoroughly with a Garrett handheld unit within an inch. Very interesting, keep us up to date on this and most importantly may God bless you and Gordie - will keep y'all in our prayers, Breland.
In regards to yesterdays post, I failed to realize (well I just plain didn't look) that this thread was from a year and a half ago. Someone kindly brought me up to date. I truly am sorry for this error and my sincerest condolences to GG. God bless, Breland
Well, I know for certain he shouldnt go through the walk through metal detectors,...Ive seen too many at work who cannot under any circumstances go through one and have a pass to go around it. As to a hobby detector, I would think that since the signal goes into the ground under the coil and does not come in contact with you it would be ok but my advice is to do what the doctor says....nobody and I mean NOBODY should ever be listened to over the doctors directions, is more important than any hobby.
GG sorry I didn't catch this post earlier. Ok hears the scoop, I had a massive heart attack in 2004, I had to have 4 stints and a difibulator place in my chest, I have metal detected ever since with no problems what so ever, I have even talked to my heart Dr. about my hobbie and he said it was a great source of excercise and was a great hobbie as well. This is what he told me as far as the magnetic field, He said to never have the coil of my detector any close than 6 inches....And that the bottom line. I hope this can help you as far as your question.