Can This Be True?


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goes to show you...get a second, third, fourth...opinion ALWAYS. just because he's a doctor, doesn't mean his opinion is the end-all, be-all one.

I have a pacemaker and a defibalator, I metal detect all the time. no problem, I have even placed my metal detector on my chest to see if it will pick them up, and it will.


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From the American Heart Association website:

Devices with risk

Anti-theft systems, also called electronic article surveillance (EAS) and metal detectors —Interactions with EAS systems and metal detectors are unlikely to cause clinically significant symptoms in most patients. However, the American Heart Association recommends that you:
  • Be aware that EAS systems may be hidden/camouflaged in entrances and exits in many commercial establishments.
  • Don't stay near the EAS system or metal detector longer than is necessary and don't lean against the system.
  • If scanning with a hand-held metal detector is necessary, warn the security personnel that you have an electronic medical device and ask them not to hold the metal detector near the device any longer than is absolutely necessary. You could also ask for an alternative form of personal search.
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It seems that as long as he is not real close to the coil, there should not be a problem. The EAS systems they talk about there are the ones at the exits of stores.
Nice work. I hate to see it but, life is filled with disapointments...:confused: