Can you find Gold in Texas?

Discussion in 'Prospecting for Gold' started by TXcoindigger, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. TXcoindigger

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    Do any of the prospecting experts know if there are any places in my state of Texas where I can try my hand at finding Gold? I would like to try panning or detecting.

    If not where would you recommend? Maybe a roadtrip to find my fortune. :psmile: Thanks TX
  2. Steve in PR

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    I saw there is a river in Texas that has produced. Saw that they were getting good yields there.

    A little gold has been found in the Llano uplift area of central Texas. It occurs in quartz veinlets that cut through some of the Precambrian metamorphic rocks of Llano, Mason, northeastern Gillespie, and west-central Burnet counties.

    As any placer miner knows, all of the little gold-bearing veinlets and stringers, when eroded over a broad area, can produce enough gold to form important accumulations in placer gravels. Such is the case in the area of the Llano Uplift. Gold can be panned from numerous creeks and gullies in the region. Whenever a streamcourse flows across outcrops of the Packsaddle Schist, there's a good chance for finding specks and flakes of gold. Several areas are especially noted for placer gold. The Llano River flows through the region, and gold can often be found in bars and banks of the river. In addition, gravels in tributaries of the river, such as the Little Llano River, Pecan Creek, Babyhead Creek, and San Fernando Creek are known to carry gold values. Sandy Creek, south of Llano is noted for its placer gold... Tributaries of Sandy Creek, such as Walnut Creek, Comanche Creek, Coal Creek, and Crabapple Creek are also noted for their placer gold.
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  4. EPC Guy

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    My folks still live near Burnet, TX...hope to do some exploring in the area the next time we visit...good luck on your search for gold!
  5. homefire

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  6. MinelabMan

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    Good luck TX, hope you find some!
  7. TXcoindigger

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    Thanks for all of the replys. It looks like Texas has slim pickens for Gold really. May not be enough to make a road trip for, but if a person found themselves in Lanno county he may get lucky. TX
  8. TreasHunt

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    Sure you can find gold in Texas, but, sometimes it is in the shape of a ring.
  9. TXcoindigger

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    I knew this was going to be an answer when I asked the Question:bthumb:
  10. TreasHunt

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    I am just glad that I didn't disappoint!

    Good luck.
  11. schoser

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    Not familiar with Texas gold areas...but it sounds like you'd find some if ya tried it out. Good luck!!!!:spin:
  12. Pulltab Princess

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    gold in texas?!

    keep us posted. i think there's probably none in the panhandle; i think you have to have rivers...
  13. TXcoindigger

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    Thanx schoser, I am going to do more research on the Texas hill country area. I think there may be areas that would be fun to try.
    LOL yep its pretty dry up there. I bet there is a lot of outlaw gold to be found though. TX
  14. beaks

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    llano gold

    i took the trip down there again to my secret spot on the llano and came back with about 3 oz of flour gold after 4 hours of panning.

    when you find it just scoop up the dirt and take it with you because it's too fine to pan out in the river.

    i use mercury and retort it then run it through nitric acid to clean out the silver and other metals.

    its all good around the uplift and its a great place to camp, if you dont mind paying Longs has a place to camp and dig for gold or you can either ask a property owner or set up a tent on a public access area.

  15. beaks

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    just panned the brazos above mineral wells and found a picker and some flakes, it may have been just dumb luck but its worth a shot if you live close enough.

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