Causing grief for Teknetics

I had sent in the coil [11"] because the depth was poor. sound low, and numerics very low on the large coil..Small coil gave same depth[7"] on a cent, numbers right on, sound still very low...Got the coil back same problem. Called up, got a number, some problems here,,,and number expired, got another, sent detector in..This is not a first owner, so I was pickled tink the first time, ..I expect to pay for the repairs, one of the hazards of buying used, but I don't mind. Now, I am thinking I don't want this T-2....rather have an SE, or LTD upgrade, purchased NEW from a dealer...Been reading up on the SE model, don't know what in Hell the LTD version is or cost.....Like owning a car and being asked the model...This here's a Teknetics T-2, SE upgraded to a LTD version 6.5,,, grabbing in with a double D,type SEF accessory coil for maximum penetration.....................................................but,I lost the instruction book !!!! Raining, but that is giving Teknetics time, and me time.. time to hit the plowed fields, however, the ones in grass, I'll take the Vaquero to...It has reach down power.. My hunting buddy got a large cent at the last field I took him to, also a barber dime I went over, got a flaky Jake signal and was absolutely too tired to dig..Had been chopping some 4 to 500 pounds of twigs for the trash people to take the day before.....My T-2? Once it is running properly, either sell, or use as a loaner to make some converts:smile:
Come on Beale, you remember the admonishment from Star Wars, The Depth Be With You.....I want to dig and hear the curses in Chinese dialects coming back up at me.. How are you feeling, getting out?:wavey: I don't know if the G-2 will pull large cents at 9 to 10 inches.The T-2 should, the SE, LTD models had better. The little of the 2 that I've used gives a simple level of adjustment that even a computer cursed individual like me can master, and get awesome results..Trying to figure out a Mine lab, within my lifetime, is beyond the realm of possibility.........I think the T-2 and its variants will do everything I want and more. So, sitting in the Rail way station waiting for Teknetics to call, give me the price and when the THING will be sent back.. Based on what I feel it can do, I am going to drive 1300 miles to look for one coin..:smile:


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Hey Nad I feel great 'mentally". Physical I am the same. Still no hunting.

If I ever do hunt again? I will have to check out different units?

To be honest i don't remember the Star Wars thing?

Good luck to you on the new unit, Beale.
Star Wars, was," May the Force be with you"..Hot Rod magazine was .No substitute for cubic inches...So, I use, May the depth be with you..Or,No substitute for DEPTH.. The technology of my younger days skimmed off most of the easy stuff..Now you have to reach down and touch the coins.My Vaquero with the 10 turn pot is deep and easy to use,, However, I feel the technology of the Teknetics T-2, offers some advantages, especially the tones..I have a trash laden yard that the house predates the UnCivil War.. Even with a 5.75 wide scan coil the Vaquero was having fits pulling the good stuff out.This is a steep back yard hill, that in addition to the 150 years of trash, someone threw out hand fulls of zincons..I've used my Garrett Propointer to start cleaning..Nuts, but I think there is good stuff to be had. Only covered an area about 15 feet on a side..And still full of Flakey Jake signals..