Check those batteries before sending your detector for servicing...

Wyatt Earp

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This is a little long ... but the story is worth the read. The way things played out ... I was sure I'd broken my "new" detector ... the one Whites had just serviced before I bought it.

I was detecting a good distance from the car and decided to "hoof it" ... straight line, not leisurely detecting and making my way back. I got a bit winded (had been at it for a good while) and decided to take a rest. I went to sit the detector down ... and it was a little farther off the ground than I thought it was. It hit pretty hard. After that ... it would power up, but would not detect anything either by meter or audio ... great, I busted it.

I bought a detector so I'd have one while that one was out ... but never got around to sending it out. I switched it on tonight ... same as it was last year. I just bought a bunch of fresh alkaline batteries, so I decided to put a new set in that battery pack too. I figured I could have an extra battery pack with me at all times if nothing else ... Just for kicks, I powered up the detector ... and its working fine.

Always try fresh batteries....