Clearwater treasure pics


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I had 13 day to hunt cut shoort by 3 days due to storms. Of the remaining 10 only about 3 was the surf light enough for me to get in the water. Unusual for Clearwater - usually pretty docile. The beach was so packed during the days that there was virtually no place to move about detecting in or out of the water. Cabanas were lined up 4 rows deep fro one end of the beach to the other. Finally figured out to hunt early morning and then go back in the evening and hunt till midnight or so. I was able to hit it pretty hard this way and drug home a lot of targets! Coin totals 85 quarters, 91 dimes, 48 nickles, 215 pennies (total $34.90 - JUST A DAY IN THE PARK FOR SOJO AND SUE!!!) and one wheat penny. Also managed a small handful of jewelry including two gold rings :cool::cool: both with small diamonds, a silver ring and a couple other silver small items. Small gold ring is 14K rose gold 2 grams, the larger on is unmarked white gold 3.6 grams. I forgot my jewelry stuff so I took it to a local jeweler. He said it is 10K but I'm not sure I trust him. He wanted to buy it for $50.00. I watched him test it and it sure looked to me like the acid didn't disolve the gold from the stone where he rubbed it. I'll take it to a jeweler here I know I can trust. Also had a small heart attack when I found the gold (colored) bracelet which tured out to be costume. :cry: Overall a very satisfying trip! I will be posting on the XP Deus forum soon about the Deus which I used at least half of the time. All good too! Also going to post some stuff I found the day I drove over to sebastian inlet. I am hoping someone may be familiar with stuff from the 1715 fleet and talk me out of believing this junk fell off the treasure ship!