Coil GARRETT ACE / GTA 12 "x13" NEL Tornado


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Lightweight coil of large diameter for a series of metal detectors GARRETT ACE / GTA. Convenient to choose the size of the coil is not very large, this is achieved at the expense of better separation of metals. Specially selected solid construction of the coil, to increase sensitivity. Thanks to the built-in amplifier signal - achieved a huge range of detection in air and in soil.

Detailed description:
Test coil NEL Tornado 12x13 in air.

Test coil NEL Tornado 12x13 on the separation of metals.

Test coil NEL Tornado 12x13 on Ultra objects, such as a coin of Ivan the Terrible.

From the video it is clear that a metal detector Garrett ACE 250 with coil NEL sees the coin in the air at a distance of 17-18 cm, 5 kopeks USSR 1961. - 41 cm.

Weight - 650 g.
Producer U.S. - Ukraine (Kharkov)


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abog, thats great info for all the ace users.........
there is a new member on here from kharkiv, ukraine....his user name is "V.Strelok

:smile::smile::smile::smile:..This is an official representative of the manufacturer of coils Nel ...

According to my information they have already started to release the coil type Tarnado for Fisher and other devices as well.