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i have an ace 250 and am thinking of a new coil would yall go with the 4.5 inch sniper coil or the detech 8x6 butterfly coil ? ur t houghts appreciated

against the wind

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Garrett makes a great product. I think the upgrade information about the ACE Series is a phone call away. Call Garrett. I know that there are coils available for the ACE 350 and the AT PRO. I have owned and used both machines.
Instead of investing in upgrades on the 250, you might want to upgrade to the PRO. It will get you depths of 10 inches and the 5 X 8 coil can help isolate trash. There are some good used units that become available from time to time.


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wanting to upgrade to th e pro or gold but my pocket book says no ...and on a fixed income it just takes a while to save up