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i would like to know what other prism5 users use for search coils, other than the 950 which is what i have for mine i want a new coil and im not sure which to get the bigfoot or a small coil that knocks out the trash


One avenue of thought would be the Bigfoot.
It is long enough to cover a large area fairly quickly.
When you put it into pinpoint mode the back half shuts down and then you only have the front half in use. Which makes it good for trashy areas. It is very easy to use and is light weight.
There were some of them at the DFXonly hunt this weekend in Lisbon Ohio. I spoke to the people that used one and they almost to the man said that their deepest finds with one is around
9 inches, give or take.
Every one I spoke to said the pinpointing mode is always right on the button
That makes it good for just about all uses.
My buddy HarryPa has one and he just loves it.
I asked about it at the hunt because I am going to get one for my DFX.


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We don't have a lot of options when it comes to the Prizm V coils. I am not sure but think there is only one other coil that will work and I will have to research it again. JC