Coinmaster 6000DB

Just bought a White's Coinmaster 6D/B.I feel I got it at a good price.Anyway,I was wondering what ya'lls thought is about this MD?I think I read some time ago that it was hard to get the 'feel' of it.What makes it that complicated,the tuning,tones,or what?More than anything,I guess is,is this still a good MD to have and use?Thanks for any info,comments,and or help with this


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Mr Silver runs I think the same machine..he has found many, many great finds with his..any questions, just PM him and I am sure he will help...Chuck.....:wave:
Thanks man.I did PM him and he seems like an awesome dude.Seems very knowledgable and willing to help.Thanks again for the info as to where to look for answers!