Coinmaster GT


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Just bought a coinmaster gt any and all tips or info would be much appreciated.
Looking forward to my first real hunt, looks like the snow will be gone soon.
Welcome from North Alabama,, Don't know the machine either, but as with all machines, learn the language (what the machine is telling you),, reading and research comes first ,which is what your doing, experience is superior, when the snow melts the latter will sharpen your results,, nice machine White's don't make no junk as with most detector companies you can get one with vinyl seats or leather heated seats, just how ever much money you want to spend,, don't mean you can not find some good stuff with the cheaper models... I know if someone hear knows it they will not hesitate to help.... ;)


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LC63, Congrat's on the new Coinmaster. I'm not familiar with this MD either, but as Whitewill stated, study the manual and check on Utube for video's. These videos can be very helpful in about every aspect of a particular MD. Congrat's again, and the Best of Luck with your new White's.

Tom Klune

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LC63, I hear ya ! Excited as heck to get out and hunt. We are FINALLY going to be in the 50's-60's this weekend! Now if we can get rid of the 2 foot snowbanks and unfreeze the ground !! Mn. Walleye opener is the second weekend of may and we still have 2-3 feet of ice on the lakes, so detecting I will go instead ! :):cool:....(sounds like N.Wi. still has plenty of ice too, and your season opens a week earlier than ours) Have had the detecting equipment ready for weeks....the boat?? Still using that for "storage space" in the garage. HaHaHa !! Take Care and HaPpY HuNtInG !!