Coins, cars and a babe

Been a heck of a long time since the two old men from the land of the Bluenose got out to do the dew.
We decided after the mandatory Rotten Ronnies coffee and breakfast sandwich that we would go a beaching. Lord love a duck talk about a lame excuse for metal detecting but I readily agreed and Navy Davy seconded it.
Beach number one.....someone had gridded it off missing about a dozen coins. ND was in shorts showing off his chicken legs as I moaned and groaned like the humpback fo Notterdam. Really folks do not try to mental conjure up that image.
Anyway did the back beach and was pressed into service by a lot of enthusiastic Indian bouys playing football. No not to join them but to take a photo of them on the foggy beach. Looked at the bright side to say the only word I know in Indian...sookrea...thank you. Working the cruise boats I have vowed to learn how to say thank you in every language on this planet...they loved it although my pronunciation I'm sure was off! Few coins were "unsanded" along with a few dinkies.

Anyway ND also had found a few. Thinking as a post retirement job...we could go into the used car business!
Off to another beach...also gridded of by some one unknown who leaves their junk behind! Here I eyeballed a sweet babe..

Just hope my next find was not with her!!!!!!!!

Anyway ND had found a nifty key chain, junker and a key fob. Think the fellow before us had done the late great "Birdman" drunken sailor grid.
My next unearthing I put on Navy Davy as he was far to rambunkeous!

Both of us dun out youz we headed home...I was fit to be washer tossed by an Italian!

On al lighter side Happy Birthday to Navy Davy and congrats on his 48th wedding anniversary to Sharon...a real trooper. Think that July in Nova Scotia should be "Navy Davy Month.'
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