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Based on my experience as a teenager I am going to give you all a tip on where to find both new and old coins. From 1964 to 1972 my parents raced at most of the fair tracks in Michigan. At that time we had eight harness horses that we took to the fairs. We would follow the fair circuit for the entire summer spending about a week at each track. Now, here`s the tip. Most all stables used the end stall in each barn or shed row as a tack room and we would sleep in them as well. By the second week, most all of us were tired of fair midways and would look to other means to occupy our time. On just about any night you could find a poker game being played in any number of tack rooms. These rooms had dirt floors and I`ll just about bet that they will produce both old and new coins. Heck, find a barn that`s been there for 50 to 60 years and that`s a lot of coins.................Happy Hunting! (Michigan was not the only state to have harness racing or horse shows at fairs)
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