Compadre pinpointing tips

I've read of others who had the problem of digging a plug and finding the target in a side wall of the hole. I'm sure most of you already use this technique, but I never actually realized how it helped me until I tried it myself. The manual for most detectors (Compadre included) stresses to draw an 'X' over the target when pinpointing it. I always do this first. I am now getting into the habit of drawing a 'U' to see how close I can get to the target before I get a signal. I then draw a 'O' (360 degrees) around the target to see if I can narrow down where the signal begins all the way around the target. This method combined with the 'X' method, should put the target right in (or very close to) the center of the coil (on a concentric coil). So now my mantra is X-U-O. It seems like alot of work when describing it, but it really only takes a couple seconds and I find it saves digging time by making the pinpointing more precise. No more digging deeper and deeper when the coin is not even in the bottom of the hole. Hope this helps someone! Scott