Contact for CZ3D Repair?


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Hello all,,,
I hoping someone can give me some info on who to contact to get my Cz3D repaired. It's acting very sporadic and I'm thinking it's just the coil.

Shortly after purchasing it I had the same problem and that's what it turned out to be. Back then Fisher fixed it free of charge and gave me a new coil. Do they still do this, and if so, who is doing it these days?..

Thanks for any help, & Have a great day, Leon...
Try Tom Dankowskis site. Register or log in, post your problem and Tom will guide you from there. He helped design the cz3d and can calibrate/tune them.


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Have you contacted Fisher?

That would be my first stop!

Does it mess up if you move the coil wire?

Top and Bottom?

What is it doing?:alcoholic


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Thanks for the replies guys.
I haven't contacted anyone yet. Wasn't sure if Fisher was even around anymore. Didn't they sell their company to the maker's of Bounty Hunter?
I haven't been able to surf the web. Most pages won't pop up for me lately. All I get are some stupid sells pages for drugs.

The machine is chirping almost constantly with very erratic movement on the meter. There no difference when messing with the coil wires but the last time it acted like this was just after I purchased it. It turned out to be a broken wire inside the coil itself... The last time I had it fired up was before Fukashima? and it was working fine so I hope it's the coil and not acting like a Geiger counter...:yikes: :rolleyes: I did take the batteries out of it before leaving it sit in the corner all these months...

I just got rid of another bug on my comp this morning. I'll try Fisher website again and see what happens...
Thanks again guys, & Have a great day, Leon...


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I talked to a nice man Felix who works for Fisher division. He will fix you up quick. I had to prove original ownership with my receipt though. It's there now. Good luck.