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We just picked up this unit for a song!The guy next door just about gave it away.. thanks!!!! Looking forward to adding it to our arsenal.. me thinks though that Bonny will become the pro with it. Mikey


TQ's Underwater Pirate
Bonny has got rather good with it, but now shes back to using my PI PRO.. can't beat the depth of the PI.. so now the 1280 is waiting to be used Mikey... hey.. never hurts to have back-up!:bthumb::bthumb:


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Cool deal Mikey.Just got a new machine myself....I have three now cuz ya can never have to much backup for sure.


TQ's Underwater Pirate
1280-X adventure

So... heres what i have found after yesterdays adventure with the 1280-X.

It likes all dry or completely submerged, but not being in the wave zone.. that is water from waves along the wet sand, it falses from each wave hitting coil.

It does not enjoy black sand.

It does not like touching the sand at all.

It is very loud when it does find any metal... coins are very loud.. so are pull tabs and beer caps, and sparkler wires.

I have not done depth tests yet.. but i did hear coins and pull tabs at 7 inches in sand.

All in all... worked fine, Best when underwater. I'll give more results as time goes by. Mikey:bthumb:


TQ's Underwater Pirate
1280-X Great Machine

:bthumb:This a great machine. The transition zone where water and dry meet seems to the only area that gives false signals:mad: ... other than touching black sand. I have gained great respect for what this machine can do. I wonder if the only difference between this unit and the CZ-21 is the added ground balancing knob?:confused: I have met a fellow detectorist here on Maui who uses the CZ-21... he swears by it:bthumb:.. i asked him about the Ground balance knob... he says he set it at 5 and never touches it. I wonder if my 1280-X is what i should be using more ? It's ability to discriminate is a joy:bthumb:. Also... not hearing anything unless it's a signal instead of the Dual's chatteryness:banghead:. I know i can tune back the dually... and i do.. but it is hard to hear under water when diving:mad: and i feel the Dual's head phones suck underwater for staying on well and too quiet:banghead:. Soon i will be either getting a CZ-21 or an Excal.. Mikey:bthumb: