Creb cd 145 sn (15) !!!!!!!

Anybody know anything about this insulator and how rare it is?
From what i have found so far, a plain cd 145 is not worth much

But the CREB CD 145 with shop number 15, is very hard to come by.
Would a cd 145 with nothing on it but

B{front} and {15} on top

Could this be a rare Creb CD 145 since the shop number is 15?

From what i know a cd 145 with 15 is NOT easy to find.

anyone know more? or what a CREB CD 15 would be valued at?
well i got my answer, mine is not the CREB 145 (15)

CREB stands for the ones embossed with the full

W. Brookfield name, office street number (45 Cliff, 55 Fulton, 83 Fulton, etc.) and state (N.Y.). The CRown Embossed Brookfield (CREB) beehives were produced from around 1883-4 up to ~1892 at which point they converted to skirt embossing. The B beehives were made after 1903 up until Brookfield went out of business in 1920-21.

So my B Beehive is not it

But .........stilll anyone one know what a real CREB cd 145 (15) would b worth?
Sorry gold my old book is burried. But if you do have a B cd145 there not the lowest on the pole. B's are somewhat hard to find and I have a few that are in a very dark green. If you look on ebay you won't see very many if any listed. so you found a nice peice but for value, it would depend on the color & condition. have no clue on the creb. I did find one on the old CNW line out here. But never valued it. Just stuck it with the others.. maybe Brian will be on later and tell you. Good Luck Joe
B's are pretty common, almost no value unless they're an interesting color or have some interesting feature. As for a creb with a 15 shop number i, dont really know. I'm aware that some crebs have numbers that are harder to find than others (just not which numbers) but they dont command too high a value. Reason being there's just not a lot of interest for them (theres only a few CREB specific collectors who'd actually be interested in such a thing) and to any other collector, it's just another aqua creb with a number on the dome.
So, i cant give you an exact value, but i would think it wouldn't be much more than any other creb.
Found a creb on a pole. Only problem is. It's still on the pole. LoL might try and get it tonight. Yea it's along a busy road and I'd rather keep this low key. But will take a photo and post it later this evening. till then Later Guys & Gals :spin: