Cruise ship and beach eyeballing

Yesterday at work the Grandeur of the Seas was due in for it's second time this cruise season. I did the initial pier sweep and while doing so came across two five dollar bills. Lunch money. Who needs a detector!
Late start today after housework and picking Marie up from work. Was another scorcher. Decided to do area around a lake. Parking lot was vacant but right along the end was a pink hard shelled change purse. Opened it up slowly.... inside were 2 fives and 17 coins for a total of $14.30 which will be added to the "Going back to England Fund."

The "Quota Guru" (my oldest machine of which I cannot speak it's manufacturer name and hence forth will be referred to as Quota Guru) was humming while my knees were cracking with the heat rising.
After a few coins went aquatic with the "Orca" ( whose manufacturers name cannot be spoken and henceforth will be called Orca) came out of the trunk and the Quota Guru was deposited along with "Zen." ( whose manufacturers name cannot be spoken and from henceforth will be known as Zen as it has been back for repairs 5 times testing my resolve). One of the first aquatic finds was a nifty pin which says it all.
3 under quota for the brief outing with a total $20.99.

Speaking of attitude guess I'm being kind of lunk headed about the hat issue but on the flip side I applied for my Canadian Old Age pension the other day which you can do up to 11 months before you turn 65.Now if I forget to apply for it it doesn't matter. Thus I can claim my tantrum on old age, 2nd childhood or just one who sticks to the principle regarding detector brand loyalty.


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I dont know what the shall not be mentioned hats look like but would never ask tesoro for one much less pay for it:sick::p (i like tesoro) but their hats are kinda stuck in the eye glass case in shirt pocket, belt & suspenders, with the shirt buttoned up to the chin... you know... and if i described any one well all i gotta say is BOLD CHOICE! :cool:
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