CZ-20 Question

I was in my basement this week getting out my White's PI, getting ready for a beach trip to caribbean and I also started going thru several closets and large bags and uncovered a CZ-20 looks new but for the life of me I cannot remember buying it, I must have bought it thinking of replacing my white's Pi with it and just never got around to using it.....I have a lot of stuff and a big basement so its easy to misplace things and stuff gets moved around and question....
anyone out there ever use a CZ-20 and what is it used for mainly, water? or can I use it for land searches also? Not sure what I will do with it, I have been looking at an Minelab or a White's MXT for land, I have found a ton of stuff with my PI and have never been disappointed with it but if the CZ-20 is a water detector I don't need 2.........


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I have the CZ-21 which is essentially the same detector, primarily an underwater detector but people have used it for relic hunting too. I'd put it in the same league as the Excalibur, which I also own.
It doesn't pinpoint that well with the large coil so don't go coinshooting in the local park with it, the groundskeeper will surely notice the 10 inch wide holes.:pbiggrin:


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I have the great on land or sea.Its allso built like a tank so its rugged..... but heavy.I use it on land as a hipmount and that works well.


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May i suggest taking both machines with you on your trip. If you get into good finds and one goes down you'll have the other to keep going! HH. Mikey :bthumb: