Dark and Scarey


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i have a ctx on the way and it should be here in a day or two, i figure if i like it i'll sell my excal II, i'll still keep the etrac as a backup
I just got my ctx can only play indoors to lear my way around the menues. but so far like what I see. I live in northern Vermont a little froze in at this time and just got 14 inchs of snow can,t wait till spring


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Teleman, Congrat's on the new CTX and Best of Luck with it. Spring is just around the corner and you will be ready to go and find the gold.
I bought my CTX3030 from Kellico when they had a promotional sale going on. Got the package deal plus a free 17 inch coil last Fall. Used it on some old homestead sites on my property. Seems to shoot deep with the larger coil. Now waiting for the freeze to end so I can get back out. I'd like to find an old swimming hole to in some creek, to check it out in water. It is a bit on the heavy side to swing
I have noticed that the CTX seems to be a very popular choice among detectorists in Prospect Park. I have used an AT PRO there with good results. My old Garrett Grand Master CX III was much heavier than what I'm using today. I have had excellent results with my Excalibur. (Keeping fingers crossed). I just purchased an E- Trac and when the world thaws, I will start my learning process. :cool: