deleon going nuts

turned on my new deleon yesterday and the numbers were flying all over the place with the coil in the air. Went home changed the batteries even though it said the were good. still the same result. Any Ideas

Just tried that and then air tested a silver half dollar in all metal and could only get it to change tone in one direction and my vdi numbers were everywhere.


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Ok so that did not work. Try the batts and this time just take them out for like a minute and then reinstall?

One other thought. Does your unit come with a " back to factory specs" feature? Like a reset that puts it like it was when you got it? If so try that, Beale.
Thanks for that link Beale found out some other good info not a lot of deleon users here that link seem to have a few so i had to read them. Going to try the battery thing and them i going to put my umax coil on there and see if it works. One good thing winter is right around the corner so if i have to send it in no big deal plus I still have my silver U
OK I think I got the problem solved. Changed the batteries again but i think the problem was that i did'nt have the coil plug in all the way or maybe left the nut loose and it backed out a little bit. No great finds with the deleon yet just some clad and an old hinge of course some junk.
Big Pappa... I have a Vaquero and a Tejon. I've have sent my Tejon in twice for repairs. It is about 5 years old. If you ever run into major problems, Tesoro honors the lifetime waranty and provides great service.
Deleone Nuts like me...

I had a Deleone,
GREAT detector,but was mine was jumpy two..It does have good sensitivity/depth though...Just turn down the sensitivity,and throw different targets on ground,(make sure area clean),and see if it will ID them..If still jumpy, keep fiddling with controls,connectors,
cabling,battery,etc. until targets are properly IDed..
If that doesn't work,you could send it to Tesoro,who will fix it for free!

Dave F.
Clairton PA.


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