Deleting my posts

Artie Fact

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log in. click on your user name, click on "your content" pick the thread that has the post that you would like to delete. Scroll down to the post in the thread and hit the button in the bottom left hand corner of the post that says "delete". Right next to the one that says "edit"
Thanks for your reply. How do you delete threads that u start-such as a post under classified ads....I don't see a "delete" button....and also can't find them under messages in INBOX where I want to delete them. I was wanting to delete posts before I cancel my membership....It has been a long time since I posted, and none of them are relevant now anyway. I just prefer to delete them. If you cancel your membership, do your posts get deleted too? Or are they still on the site?


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Once you notify me that you want to leave the family your deletion will remove all your posts / threads.