Detecting Dangers

I just recently came back from Stanton Arizona and the dangers out there were 11 kinds of Rattlers, scorpions, centipedes,spiders,coyotes,wolfs, mountain lions,guilla monsters heat, desert, cactus(wouldn't wanna fall into one) lack of water, lack of edibles.
I did hear that the scorpions, centipedes,lizards and the spiders wont kill ya, but could and would be very painful and could make someone sick.
We didn't find any gold metal detecting(i did find a tiny copper nugget), and very little from panning(didnt work hard at all). We had fun at the outing they had, and had fun overall.
Beach hunting at night,, Trying to take advantage of low tides*
There are some jerks that are on the beach at night , and
I suggest hunting with a buddy or taking some protection with you..
The people watching you think you have just found
"Davey Jones Locker"..Your Gold sniffing Pit Bull is a good deterrent,,,,,,,,,peg leg


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Surf Pirate Menaces:
1) Explosives - Some of the Beaches in Bermuda were/are firing ranges, I pulled a WWII vintage 2" British mortar round out of a beach about a year ago:yikes:
2) Sharks - Had a run in with an 8 footer last year, I think it was a bull shark but I didn't stick around long enough to get the genus, get out of the water!:shock:
3) Porteguese Man of War Jellyfish - very painful and they have a season in Bermuda but usually I am wearing a wetsuit at that time of year, it's like getting stung by a nest of bees if you have a bad incident:doh:
4) Spiny Sea Urchins - The spines break off in your foot and take forever to disolve with lime juice after you've dug the main bit out with a knife, wear proper footwear to avoid these:grin:
5) Barracudas - not really a problem but they do scare the crap out of you when you suddenly start having a school of baitfish bouncing off of your wetsuit as 3' to 5' barracuda shoot past you - they hunt in packs
6) Rip Tides - These are the most dangerous after 2 legged predators as you can easily get caught in one and swept out into deep water - swim across the rip not against it or you'll wind up a statistic - dump your gear if seriously caught, you can buy new gear if you survive:icon_roll
7) Punks, Hustlers and Thugs - If they've got a gun, I'll give them my loot - Anything less and they're going to get up close and personal with the business end of my scoop:duel: - generally just not worth the hassle and the main reason I don't hunt at night, I hunt to relax and I can't do that if I have to keep looking over my shoulder

To think that people think this is a boring hobby!:lol::rofl::lol:

Good and Safe Hunting,

Beware Of Ticks!!!

I went on a long hunt yesterday and this morning I noticed I had 3 ticks on me. Right now in the south they are everywhere, and just thought it be a good thing to bring it to everyones attention. Before I found them on me yesterday I didnt even think about it, so pay attention and Godbless,Charlie


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Yep good tip..The snakes are ramped it seems this year..I just killed a nice one out cleaning up the yard..tics are dangerous there silent killers..


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Thanks for the reminder Slim. :bthumb: It's so easy when ya been waitin for the weather to break and all ya can think about is gettin out and findin something and ya don't stop to think what may be waitin to get Ya. :shock:


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Good topic Slim. I found one on me last week and after I took it off the area grew. It got very red, hot, and about the size of 2 hands. It actually hurt to walk. I ended up at the Dr's to get an antibotic, Beale.


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Steve great post I have nothing to add for I got here late and all has been mentioned ...but I did learn a few things thanks....Alan when I am asked by onlookers I never show the good stuff I just say I found a few pennies...people today might just rob you for a gold ring or any jewlery...just my thoughts and thanks again Steve for informative post!

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Amen on that sidearm(from a proud member of the NRA). When the economy goes down, crime goes up. Always has, always will. Considering how bad things are likely to get, arm yourselves at home and abroad. Forget about political correctness. If it looks like a threat, don't turn your back.......:rocketwho

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I mention this a lot because I'll be hunting a large housing project for the next few years. Unfortunately these folks have nothing to do all day so they stand and stare at me and it can be intimidating. If it happens too long I just move to another vacant house. Last time I was out there a lady (???) with 3 kids asked if I smoke ( i don't ) then 1/2 hour later she drove back and said she didn't have any cash and could she have $ 7. I told her I don't carry cash. I had $20 in the car. When they ask what I'm doing I say looking for coffee money and show them all the beer caps I found. Last time i just went along the curb and picked up a handful to put in the pouch for " show and tell" Most folks are real nice and leave me alone but the crack heads can get real creative with the begging.
Although not life threatening per se, I almost always konk my noggin on some play ground equipment. When doing schools, tot lots and the like, be careful when you stand up, you may have moved while digging and all of a sudden, a 4 foot six inch monkey bar just happened to "grow" right over head. I have also had kids slide down some curvy slide and smack my feet right out from under me.

When doing the wilderness, it would be a good idea to have some type of GPS unit. You can mark your camp before you head into the field and if you find a good "gold pocket", you can mark that so you can find it again.

Archery and Muzzle loading hunting seasons start, at least here, in August, so as someone else mentioned, have some HUNTER ORANGE clothing to put on. At least a vest and hat. We don't want the bullets we find to be moving at 1,000 MPH.

Wear proper footware. Twisting your ankle 8 miles from your vehicle makes for a really sucky day. As does wearing steel toed hiking boots for a tot lot search.

Take plenty of water, snacks, and when in the wild, emergency gear to start a fire, build a shelter and rain gear.

Be prepared!


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A couple of things

Here in the U.P. MINE SHAFTS,VENT SHAFTS AND MORE MINE SHAFTS alot of the mines where covered with railroad ties some aren't covered at all just grown over because the company's couldn't remember the local. Some were test sites for copper and when nothing was found they just left them open.
While taking a trappers safty course I learned a lot Like : You can get a nasty virus from coon scat that is dry so if you are digging be careful and always wash your hands because you can get it from inhaleing it like dust or if the dust comes in contact with your eye's that way also.
For you in land beach divers Beaver's not only do they bite if threatend but you can also get a parasite from swimming and ingesting the water because of their scat.
Mountain Lions I had one follow me while trapping I always carry a gun with me (ccw)
and Deer ticks.
Rusty 50 yro beer cans