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I would have to say never hunt alone,especially in rugged terrain. Always carry a first aide kit. and wear proper clothing for the climate.

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I found a new "hunting partner" today. Went into a friend's pawn shop, and he had a very lightly-used OLD H&R 32 revolver. It locked-up pretty tight and only had a little cosmetic rust. swing-out cylinder with quick-eject(double action, too). he offered it to me for 75.00, so I bought it. Hope to never use it, but.........:rocketwho if I need to.


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Septic tank

Ok this didn't happen while hunting but I once was walking across a field where a house once stood and feel into an open spetic tank. It took two people to pull me out and I only landed about half way up my body in it (mostly water) This thing must have been 20-30 years old and buried. Always let someone know where you are hunting


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Hustlers, Cons and Envious Detectorists - Posted on another site that features something called Ring Daddy, basically a competition where surf pirates and looters post all of their good ring finds together, the winner is the Surf Pirate who has the most/best collection of finds for the year.
Apparently, a scurvy dog surf pirate (though he's not worthy of the name) posted on a local lost and found forum that there was a great place for folks to look for and claim their lost rings. The place?, you guessed it, Ring Daddy! Talk about sour grapes by a turn coat pirate.:rocketwho I don't have a problem with doing returns to people who have legitimately lost a ring and can identify or prove previous ownership, that's part of the fun of our hobby. I'm justified in charging a fee to offset my investment in equipment, time and energy but I don't charge and I don't accept rewards, just do a good turn for someone else is all I ever ask.:bthumb: The problem I have with Ring Daddy being identified as a place to find your lost ring is that it opens the door to any scammer who looks at the pics, chooses a ring he likes and then describes it to the surf pirate who found it, claiming previous ownership. This opened a nasty can of worms for many surf pirates in Florida where the lost and found forum was based. Many pirates have now stopped posting their finds as a result and I have heard that the envious, scurvy dog has been banned from the forum.
So there are threats to your loot even after you get it safely home.:mean: Anybody who wants to claim a ring from me can do so but they have to provide proof of ownership now, a sales receipt, a pic of the ring on their finger, a police report describing the lost ring, etc. They're more than welcome to hop on a plane to Bermuda if they want to try and scam me but they better be pretty darn good if they're going to separate me from my treasure.:grin:



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#^&#%^*&#$^&@#$^@#%^@$% Bleachers!!! Saw stars for 5 minutes afterwards, can't even follow my own advice!!! :doh:
I know the feelin' Mac. I've had 4 extremely hard knocks on the noggin myself. Perhaps we can be classified as either unlucky or un-coordinated.:lol: Like the kid that went to see a Lone Ranger movie back in the 50's. Lone Ranger rode his horse under a limb and the limb knocked him off. The next day, the same kid went to see the same movie. He bet the kid next to him that the Lone Ranger WOULD NOT get knocked off by the same limb. When he got knocked off again, the kid said "I thought he would have ducked down today, being that he didn't do it yesterday":smile:.


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Here's one more......If you dig nothing but trash.....SO WHAT!!!?? You had a nice day outside enjoying something you love and spending it with friends and loved ones. :bthumb::bthumb::bthumb::bthumb:Doesn't get any better than that.
It's been said, but i think it needs repeating.

Dirty used needles!

When I was younger I did this beach clean-up thing for the local estuary (in Imperial beach, California). Well, we all met up at the stretch of beach right on the north side of the Tijuana river, on the american side. It's about a mile of beach from the mouth of the river to the first Beach housing in Imperial Beach, Ca (deep south San Diego).

Everyone was handed a beach rake (which is pretty much a regular rake with stiffer bristles), and told to comb the beach and put anything "dangerous" in the trash...

... in about 3 hours I found over 10 USED needles and bunch of broken bottles and other very sharp objects that you wouldn't want to sweep your hand across.

There were about 25 people helping with the clean-up and EVERYONE found needles/glass.

Moral of the story... dont make sand angels, dont detect the beach barefoot or in sandles, and don't dig with your hands.

Now go ahead and laugh-but have you ever had such a good day that you started getting excited and on your next find actually poked a hole in your finger with your screwdriver?! And since we NEVER carry a small first aid kit we just keep going w/the wound getting dirty and infected. And although the sun FEELS that hot-we're not really exerting that much energy to have a heat stroke-and besides we didn't bring a thermos of water anyway. And in order to find anything you have to STARE at the ground you're detecting-to let your eyes constantly scan your surroundings would be unthinkable!
On the subject of snakes-a few years ago it was found that using one of the smaller zappers that are used for self defense can be used to save your life on poisonous bites. Apparently the voltage is supposed to break up the venom. Has anyone heard any more on this subject?
Had to add a another one DOGS the other day in an urban park this big bad
looking Pit Bull snuck rite up behind me, i got my coil between it and me and made for the car.People they don't make any noise and can sneek upon you
before you know it.


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Things to carry

in my truck.
1. First aid kit, always...
2. Bottle of water...
3. blanket...
4. jumper cables....
5. Bug spray...
6. In my MD bag, I have a really big knife for cutting roots, grass flaps and as intimidation if needed.
7. Always carry cellphone.
8. 2 bottles Hand sanitizing gel
9. roll of paper towels (T.P. alternative)
That's about it, there's probably something else that I'm missing~~!!!


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Boils down to pay attention to your surroundings, and don't get stupid, or lazy; think ahead. As my husband is so fond of saying, "Piss poor planning leads to piss poor performance."


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I would have to say never hunt alone,especially in rugged terrain. Always carry a first aide kit. and wear proper clothing for the climate.
"Rough Terrain" like a City Park, you never know what territory the local gangs stake out and wait for victims...:confused:
I guess armor is out of the question as we are carrying Metal Detectors...:p
If you go MDing on that farmers property that is posted "No Trespassing" I think you might need an ER staff on standby...:eek:

The most important rule be careful and be courteous, not gullible... Happy Hunting All!!!


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Velvet Ants.!!!!!!:yikes:

We call those Cow Ants. The bite/sting is so painful it will bring a cow to its knees if it doesn't kill it. They are actually a wingless wasp if I remember right. Those things are also very hard to exterminate as doing the step and twist method doesn't kill them. make sure you have really thick boot/shoe soles cause its been said they will sting through normal ones.