Difference .... 1500 / 2500

Does the 2500 only offer the "All metal" mode and some better depth ? What am I missing for the extra $$ ? I am seriously considering the 2500 with Sun Ray for an extra / upgrade. I would like to have a guest detector that has some guts. That would be the 1500 that I have now.
I picked up some "hand me down" items from employers that will sell for ample $$ to get a backup / guest detector. So I'm searching ;)
Thanks for the help. I'm not opposed to another manufacturer. As long as it is Sun Ray compatible.


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I am not familar with the Garrett line up to much. I do know the 2500 is their top of the line. I have read good things about it and its abilities. I wish you good luck in your search, Beale.


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My only Garrett's experience is with the Ace-250. I have not seen many detectorists with their top of the line stuff around here...good luck