Different coils-different situations?

Does the coil make much of a difference between sand, dirt or really thick clay areas?

Or will the same coil work on any of the soil conditions?
I have the Garrett GAX1250 and have Power DD 10 X 14 and also the Crossfire II that came with the detector.
The Power DD was on discount due to a defect. The bottom is pitted with many holes. I guess air bubbles were present and caused this during the manufacturing process.

Well sure they do..

Any coil will work in any ground.Its just a matter of how good.If your working trashy area,you may want a small coil to work around and in between trash.The double D coils are for highly mineralized ground.Such as high in iron.The concentric coils are an all around good coil for any purpose.hope this helps buddy.......

Hey SSM.....That Was Sweet Neat And Complete......I Give You 4 1/2 Stars On That There Reply.....Cool....JJ:multi: