Digging Pull tabs can land you in Jail.


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I've found all of those types of pull tabs and several others as well, depending upon which country I happened to be hunting in. This shouldn't be a problem if you are in the USA because if anyone asks you what you are looking for with that metal detector just tell them you are hunting around for the bullets you fired in that area, the NRA will back you up in court.


The article I read states that those tabs were made from 1965 to 1975 which means the ones made after 1966 aren't 50 years old yet so they'll need a committee of experts to make important decisions as to whether I've dug an artifact or a piece of junk because none of them are dated. Pencil eraser holders have been around for a lot longer than pulltabs so they must be artifacts too which means we detectorists could REALLY be in hot water if we get caught with either in our pouches. Just think of all the jobs this will create........people who'll be paid at taxpayer expense to walk around looking for contraband pulltabs.:cautious: Whoever dreamed this up should be forced to drink molten aluminum:sneaky:


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Only in Washington State! Makes me proud to be from there......NOT. If they are serious then so many other things could designate a historic site that sooner or later everywhere will be a historic site. I can see using the pull tab as an indicator of age to the place but not really. If the pull tabs were stationary yeah but they are always carried in and tossed as we all well know. Will they ever quit going too far?


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Sorry folks, but Schroeder and his cronies really must need something better to do. Archaeologists have no business dealing with things of this age. This is absurd and remember, YOUR tax $$$ are paying them.