Digging tool from lowes


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mine Too !!

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I use a similar digger from Menards (home improvement center) - $3
That the one I have used for over 6 months...
I Thought I "bent" it a little prying up some HUGE iron thingy...
Now I just flip it every now and then -to pry...
I would buy another and another....
Soft rubber grip...never rusts...I like the double point and will file the edge a little if it gets a bit dull. Also a quick measure to your depths.
Fiskars 7079

Don't have a picture of it but it is a great tool with a life time warranty
. It was $12.99 and I have had it for yars but just got into MDing and added it to my arsenal.


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I still relic hunt with my old WWII E Tool with the pick. I bought this from a Army Surplus store in Atlanta in about 1981. I wouldn't part with it for anything. I just bought a Lesche Shovel the Relic Hunter that I haven't yet used. I thought it may be a little easier on the back.

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DIGGER 001.JPG I use a 12 inch double serrated Gator Digger. It is stainless steel, has an international orange rubber handle and is very strong. I don't see me bending this bad boy. The 12 inch length is the maximun allowable under NYC parks permit rules.

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Just out of curiousity while in lowes today, I walked through the shovels and garden tools.I purchased an ames true temper digger that resembles those high priced jobs for about $12.00 and a sheath for $7.00.Its stainless steel and has a slight curve ,its built very sturdy .Has teeth on one side and a sharp blade on the other.I figure it will be a good starter.Anyone here ever see one of these?
That is the tool I use as well.Its great for cutting through roots an it cuts out a nice plug.
Funny that this subject just keeps getting re-visited. I saw the 7 in 0ne garden trowel at home depot earlier this week and decided at that price, it would make a good emergency backup digger. Then I decided after seeing the Lesche tool in action, that it was time to order one. It's on it's way from KellyCo.:cool:

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My digging partner bought a Fiskars tool. I went to get one and Lowes was sold out of them. Still on the fence between one of them or a leache tool. I will now ever be buying a new shovel this year.


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Yeah Walmart is where I got mine. I have really had good luck with mine.When or if this one breaks, I may look at a Lesche depending on the find funds.


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I started out with a 10" Bowie Knife,
Then I got the Friskers,
Then the Gator Edge digging tool,
Then the Lesche.
If I see something That I think will be better,
I'll get it also.
Sound great. Can you post a photo of them? We have lesch tools but always looking to expand. Thanks:wavey:
I use to work at Menards, and bought several Fiskers tools, with teeth on one side. I gave 4 away to family members for gardening. I have recently bought another type , same details, but by a different company. They work great, yet I still bought the Garrett digging tool with sheath.
Here are my digging tools. The long handle shovel, extends twice that length, but it can't be used to pry up the dirt. If you do, it tends to bend. I almost bought another one, but thought against it, and will pick up a small T handle shovel.