Dinner Time


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My trail cam caught this picture the other day. I have been feeding the deer whole corn and noticed a few birds coming in so I bought some bird feed with cracked corn in it. I put out a mixture of the whole corn and bird seed and get deer, raccoons and a fox at night and doves, cardinals, sparrows and squirrels during the day. The picture isn't the best but see how many doves you can count.

doves 1.jpg


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I love doves. We have a few around here but the cats get some every year. Since they feed on the ground under peoples feeders the cats do well on them A lot of people here say they can't stand hearing them coo but I love to listen to them.
You do have a lot of them there. That is s a nice picture.


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Nice pic. FF1. I counted 21 Doves and 1 squirrel. We have many doves around here also. Like Dig's, I always enjoyed hearing them coo. Very soothing. I always loved hearing the Whip a Whirls at night too. I remember at night as a kid we would sleep with our windows open (try doing this today), and hearing them. A lonely far away sound that would put one to sleep pretty quick.


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Yes love to hear them doves and when they hook up they are partners for life.

Have many Possums down your way?
I have seen pictures of one possum, one rabbit and one fox since I put the camera out about 8 months ago. Three different cats and a couple dogs were caught on the SD card as well. There are more deer than anything else with seven bucks and two does showing up.