Do many of you have physical disabilities?

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I'm not but 46 yrs. old, but was diagnosed with Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis about 6 years ago. I take medicine for it, but it's getting alot worse. If I swing the MXT for a couple of hours, I'll pay for 3 days. Also have a busted-up,wired and screwed-together knee from a 1980's car wreck. The knee needs to be replaced(I think it's about time). Also have a steel rod implanted in my lower back. I can't get around too good now, but I'm gonna dig, if I have to crawl..... Good thing I'm not a Horse! My little Tesoro Silver may have to come out for a while, but I like the features of the MXT. Anyway, I was just wondering how many of y'all hunt with ailments....:confused:


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Nerve Damage

I have a severed right calf muscle S1 nerve right at the connection of my spine pod in my lower back no one knows why..I have had every test MRI/CT SCAN known to man and no clues and just had a MS/MD test done and came back negative..Anyways my right calf/leg from my knee down is 2" smaller and getting worse Calf muscle push power to my foot and I will soon be fitted with a Brace..38 years old and have no plans on Disabilities ..I will work and hunt till I Die if dont slow me down much..Just walk with a major limp..errrrr..Just hope I dont end up with a prostetic leg soon..
Gotta keep motoring on..I just wish nerves could be repaired in this day in age..Happy Hunting..james


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My hat is off to both of you guys for not letting it slow you down. I have some minor nerve issues in my left hand but other than that, no, Beale.


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I was diagnosed with Diabetes about 6 years ago, and as a result of that, I have now have neuropathy in my legs and feet. I also have a bad back and knee and shoulder from having worked as a paramedic for 10 years... so I am right there with ya. My wife also has major back problems mainly from working with me as my partner on the ambulance. She has 20-22 bulging disc's as well as osteo arthritis and her spin is deteriorating.... but she keeps right on plugging away. Even tho its hard, dont let it get ya down.


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I was in a car accident 10 years ago........fractured neck, back,neck, and shoulder problems had several years of treatment. About the last 18 months been getting back into detecting, I have to take pain killers and can usually only manage a couple of hours at a time,but I'm working on doing more.
19 titanium or stainless (what ever the docs use to put ya back together.) screws in my left hand. it hurts when itgets cold or i get shocked. i was an electrician so that happened often.diabetes for over 10 years so iahve the neuropathy in my feet.

just recovering from heart attack jan 8th and quad bypass jan 15th of this year. 4 weex in hosptal bed messed up my sciatic nerve.

but since i aint workin right now i am doin my best to get out as often as i can. im using the hunt as part of my rehab. hopefully i can go back to work real soon and all will be well in the world.

till then i do what it takes to suck it up and keep goin.
I've been blind in my right eye since I was about 16. Other than that, just a bit of age and mileage creeping up on me. Nothing really out of the ordinary for being a couch potato.


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I picked up so many broken bones over the years that I started to feel like Evil Knievel in his later years. Winters were 5 months of pain from all the arthritis. I moved to Bermuda 3 years ago and the pain is very manageable now, without drugs.
I feel your pain, brother.



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I am getting older and starting to slow down a bit...My knees hurt and I have a little problem getting up when I am down on the floor area... I usually have to pull myself up a little while at work...I also have the tingles in both my hands from all the years of drilling metal and riveting at work...Carpal tunnel syndrome.I really don't want to do anything about that until I have to...Also I have a loss of hearing thanks to all the jet aircraft noise over the years...Or maybe it is selective hearing..That's what I tell my wife ..Anyway my hat is off to you guys that hunt will real disabilities..You all should be proud of yourselves for getting out to hunt and not giving up.....Buster...:wave:

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Wow. I didn't realize there were so many folks out there with ailments. My hat is off to all of you, also. I guess we all have our problems. I kinda like the Idea of moving to Bermuda, but I'm going to wait a little longer. Until then. I'm going to do my exercises....:multi: and this...:alcoholic:lol:

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I was in a car accident 10 years ago........fractured neck, back,neck, and shoulder problems had several years of treatment. About the last 18 months been getting back into detecting, I have to take pain killers and can usually only manage a couple of hours at a time,but I'm working on doing more.
Sounds like you've been through alot, too, Anne. My accident in '87 almost did me in. Seat belts were not mandatory(until a year later, I think), and I was driving an '82 Honda Civic. A young girl turned left right in front of me, and I was doing at least 55mph. I had a bad head trauma, bruised heart and lungs, cracked pelvic, shattered right knee cap, broken nose, etc. I STARTED to ride my Harley that night.......


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I have 80 percent loss of hearing in one ear from a tumor and a bad left eye from a botched cataract surgery but other than that, im fit as a whistle!! I think MDing is a great therapy for many ailments both physical and mental... :bthumb:
What ails ya

Just getting over some upper back injury from splitting wood. Also partially deaf, I got a hearring aid but I never wear the damn thing. I only really need it some of the time. My audiologist told me my hearing loss is right in the range of most women's voices! I HAVE AN EXCUSE FROM THE DOC! I'll bet you guys are jealous of that! :biggrin:
Can't see without my glasses so good either.

Guess I'm in pretty good shape though, no pins, no missing parts,
except for a few brain cells, and ... What were we talking about?

I'm just a poor old man, I have no time for law-breakers.
My legs are grey, my ears are noud, my eyes are old and bent...
It's sad to hear of all the disabilities but inspiring to here of you all moving on in spite of them. It's humbling also and makes me realize our everyday blessings that we take for granted.
13 pills every day to stay alive.

Yep I have to take 13 pills every day to stay alive. But I am a Survivor thanks be to God.
1) Diabetic 20 years....
2) Male Breast Cancer Survivor 12 years now. My right breast is completely gone. Haven't been shirtless at the beach or pool is soooooome time. Don't want to scare any little kids. Still have self esteem problem with this issue.
3) Heart attack and surgery 4 years ago. Still have artery on the back of my heart that is 100% blocked and can not be operated on.
4) ED from all the medication
5) Depression and self esteem problems.

I work full time as a County Supervisor of Transportation for the State Dept of Education in SC. I have a staff of 10 men that maintain 150 school buses.

:bow:To everybody! Wow! I have fibromyalgia and all the wonderful things that go along with it for 15 years now. Constant pain, muscle spasms, depression, eczema, fatigue, severe sleep disorder. I have been laying off the detecting for a while now because every time I do it, my arm hurts for weeks and I'm hoping to start my garden soon:icon_mad:. I refuse to take prescription meds unless I'm going to die otherwise. The side-effects from the meds usually end up being unbearable and don't help much anyway. I am always on the lookout for natural remedies and have found several ways to deal with my symptoms that work.

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The good news is, We're living alot longer than we used to. The bad news is, we have to go through hell to do it! But it's all part of the game. I just want all of you to know that you have a friend here. :wave: Time for another..:alcoholicI'm gonna ride the golf car down to the pond and wet a line.......I'll let y'all know if I "dig up" any fish.
I have been blessed with good health, but not so for my husband. I am amazed by all the good folks here hunting with such ailments. I wish you ll better health and happy hunting:wave: