Do many of you have physical disabilities?

Lots of reading in this thread, glad to see that there are people that do
what they like in spite of their problems..

I am 61 years old now and happy to see each and every day thanks to God
i have seen many years that i did not expect to see.

At the age of 37 i had a massive heart attack i was out for eight days before
i came out of the coma, the doctor told me i had sever damage to the heart and i would no be able to do most things that i did.

When i got home from the hospital i was weak but i tried to walk made from the house to the street sat down on curb and rested then returned.
I kept doing that but extending my range untill i was walking 5 miles in
the morning and 5 in the evening.
When i went back to the doctor he was surprised and wanted to take pictures of my heart again what he found shocked him the 35% damage
was now less than 5%.
I not only returned to work but took on a second full time job.

Since then i have had 19 angioplasties 5 stints 10 bypasses ( that is where
my nick comes from) 4 more heart attacks and a stroke and two times a cancer survivor. First time 1 tumor second time 3 remove been clean for
7 years now.

Now i want to really want to learn to SWING.
9 plus broken bones (stopped counting at 9) Was rear ended about 20 years ago by a 18 wheeler. Gave me most of those broken bones. Heart problems, bad lungs, wieghin about 500 pounds. ( I come in the jumbo size, you get more for your money when you buy me.) Had right leg twisted around backwards, it still has a twist in it never did come all the way back around. I can walk about 3 blocks or so on a good day. Bought one of those bucket seats that hunters use. Plan on carring it and a few other goodies on a bag boy golf cart that way when I need to stop and rest I can just sit down right where I am, catch my breath and then go some more. Daddy taught all of us younguns that you can beat us and you can kill us but no one can whip us. Never give up, never quit, never surrender.:rocketwho


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I guess some of us are broken people! In 1991 I totally dislocated my #5 Lumbar and was an 1/8th of an inch from cutting my spinal cord. I experience occasional mild paralysis in my legs and I have almost total loss of cartilage in both knees. I have a severe Thyroid disorder, that causes me to be allergic to almost everything, most of the time and chronic hives (I keep this under control with High doses of Thyroid replacement Medicine). If I lapse for just 2 weeks in taking my medication, I will go into a coma! My back is in constant pain and having spasms and I cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers for it!!! I do my best to make the best of everyday....:smile:


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i've had about 5 back surgeries since 1999 due to a work related injury, still have the constant ache down the leg, nerve damage down right leg. got an implanted spinal cord stimulator in 2001 which needed a surgery for a battery in "03" and then had it totally replaced again in "06". i have my good days and bad days, i try not to think about it when i'm swingin the detector, sitting around doing nothing is alot worse.

cyndy j

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and i thought fractured cheek and eye socket was tuff

wow, you guys are incredible! i am never gonna complain about my little issues again! the fact that you are still out there mding with those kind of pains and probs...really inspiring, makes me want toss the norco's and tune up the ace...:bow:.


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Bad hands

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. The right hand is really getting bad a few hours MDing and I'm up half the night in pain. Saw a doctor this spring and he recommended surgery but I put it off. Well Mding this summer/fall has done a number on me so I'm back to the doctor this week to set up surgery now that digging season is drawing to a close around here. Hopefully I'll get it done in December on my right hand and will be all set for spring. Luckily I have great health care coverage from my wife's job!


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HungryGhost, you wont regret that surgery, I had it advice I can give you is this... after surgery, get that squeeze exercise ball, that old saying no pain no gain..truly works.. I used that ball and got rid of that hard lump in the palm of my hand from surgery.. good as new and cant even see the scar.:bthumb:


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Thanks for that post Rae. I have carpel Tunnel in my left hand. Been putting off surgery. Glad to hear from someone that has had it done. Thanks again, Beale.


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HungryGhost, you wont regret that surgery, I had it advice I can give you is this... after surgery, get that squeeze exercise ball, that old saying no pain no gain..truly works.. I used that ball and got rid of that hard lump in the palm of my hand from surgery.. good as new and cant even see the scar.:bthumb:
Thanks for the advice!:smile:


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I also need my left knee replaced and have been delaying it as the doctor cannot positively say I will not have any problems kneeling down after the replacement recovery. My right elbow and wrist both need surgery and I have been putting it off as well. Of course I am a lot older but I feel your pain.


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lots of metal in my chest

My chest sure does sound off for my metal hits :bthumb:
quad bypass, right shoulder replacement, plus heart pacer. :multi:
I love the all surgeries for me . LOL. :bthumb:
Medical Problems

I had a motorcycle accident in 1980. Compound fractures of both wrists, broken leg, scapula, fingers, ribs, tore right calf muscle off bone. Since 1980 I have had 11 surgeries on wrists(plates, screws,nerve re-routing) 1991 bleeding brain aneurysm(changed whole outlook on life), Barretts esophagus, Rennauds syndrom(circulation problem in feet and hands. And after all of the pain from broken bones and headaches, last spring I came down with something called Poly Myalgia Rheumatica. This Rheumatica stuff is without a doubt the worst pain of my life. It affects the hips and shoulders. For several months I could barely walk, let alone metal detect. I couldn't sleep which ruins ones quality of life. Now for the good, I was put on a steroid regimine starting in June and I am slowly but surely getting better. Metal detecting is the greatest medicine going and what keeps me going at age 56!


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I didn't realize how far back these posts went until today after reading them all. There are some really tough Guys and Gals on this TQMD Forum and we all seem to be optimists. We manage to keep going out and hunting and digging and coming back here and sharing. I am proud and glad to be counted among your number. Thank you all for opening up about your disabilities and weaknesses, it is all very heartfelt and brave of all of you. Blessed be to all of you and may we continue to meet here in peace and harmony!!!


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I've had a few issues in the past 18 months - but, thank God, all are under control - and not worth itemizing...after reading what some of you folks have endured (or are still enduring)!

I'm vertical and still sucking air...and plan to do exactly what pleases me until they tag me and bag me.

All of you are an inspiration and a testament to the strength of the human keep swinging!
Ive got a leaking aortic valve but that dont hinder me from doin any thing(YET). Boy... I sure hope all these injuries and problems aren't from MD'ing cause Id be SOL:smile:
I have severe osteo artheritis of the spine and knees. Already had 1 knee replaced. I have 7 bulging discs in the thoraxic spine pressing on the spinal cord and inoperable. I have high blood pressure and I also have polycystic disease of the kidneys. My MDing is my daily exercise. I try to do about 2 hours a day, weather permitting. It's not easy, but I love this hobby and would do it in a wheel chair if I had to.

Best wishes for some relief for you, Dwight