Donate your clads & you could win a new Ace 250 or Fisher 2 of your choice.

How would you like a chance to win a brand new detector for Christmas and help a friend at the same time?

The post from gordiesgirl really made me want to reach out and do something special for Bigbill, Sheri and their children for Christmas. I raised 5 kids and had some hard times myself.

Here’s the post, as most of you know Sheri’s mom crossed over to the other side 11-20-07.

I got a PM from Bigbill and Sheri's Mom is not doing well at all. her Blood pressure has dropped and her breathing has been labored. Sheri has not left her mothers side for months, taking care of small children, tending to her parents needs and trying to be a wife has to take a toll. Please join me in a prayer chain for this family. Bill in his own recovery from surgery is out of work. I don't know how we could do it but if every family member at TQ could just donate a few dollars. Maybe we could give young Thomas and Sammy a Merry Christmas or at least put a few meals on their table. Greg could you please send me a pm on how to donate money for this thread. Thank you all in advance and God Bless my friends Bill and Sheri.
Even if Bigbill went back to work today, it would be at least two weeks before he drew a check and he would still be thousands of dollars behind.

So here’s what I have in mind, I will call John and send him the money tomorrow to buy either an Ace 250 or Fisher 2 (winner’s choice) for a raffle.

If everyone would donate their clad finds for the next 3 weeks we could help this family a lot. Maybe some of you will want to donate all or part of your current clad collection. Or project how much you think you’ll find in the next 3 weeks and go ahead and donate that amount.

For every $5 donation, one ticket with your name on it will be put into the drawing. Example: Donate $20 and your name goes in 4 times, etc. With all of us doing a little and a few doing a lot we can touch the hearts of this family forever. Bill & Sheri’s children will be telling their children about you and the Christmas of 07.

All of you who have already generously given we will go ahead and put your tickets in the drawing, one per every $5 donated. And I challenge y’all to dig a little deeper if at all possible.

We can’t help everyone that needs help this Christmas but we can reach out and be a real blessing to one of our own this year.

We are trying to raise at least $2,000. We will post the totals daily because I believe people do like to see the end results of their giving. This is something we will all be happy about come Christmas morning.

The drawing will be Dec. 18th so we can get the new detector to the winner before Christmas… so please hurry and do what you can to help.

OK, lets go ahead and drop the announcing your amount of tickets part. People want to remain anonymous in their giving, especially on the internet. Keep the donations coming and I'll announce the first daily total Sunday evening 11/25/07

I pray that this announcement will be received in the same spirit that it was sent.

Greg, myself, gordiesgirl and Bigbill & family will not be eligible to win the detector.

Paypal is the quickest way.
If you are going to mail in your donations please get them in the mail by Dec. 11th.

Send all donations to Greg…

Please help Bill & Sherri and the kids by donating what you can.

Paypal to:
If sending check or Paypal please add your TQ username in the note field

Or send a check or money order payable to:
Treasure Quest
c/o Big Bill
240 Tunnel Rd
Smithfield, PA. 15478


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Good deal. Already sent some in last week. If I sent the clad that I have been finding lately, It would almost be hardley anything except for all the bottle tops and pull tabs I seam to find. I'm better off sending more money. But it is a good cause, and count me in...Buster...:wave:


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I'm in too. Check is on the way. While a second detector sounds great, my wife and I were touched by all of the threads for the last month. Bill and his family have been in our prayers. This was a great idea. Thank you for letting us help!
Good cause and good opportunity.

Helping someone in need and a chance to win something, how could I say no?

My condolences to the family in need.

This is a True Treasure Quest!! I am putting out a challange.
Match me, or better me. There are no losers in this Raffle.

Helping others find what they lost is part of our Hobby.
Helping Bill & Sherri keeping there Faith in knowing that
they have many Angels watching out for them and there Family.

My Prayers are for you Bill & Sherri.
MATCH ME or BETTER ME *20 Tickets*
Come on everyone lets try and make a Merry Christmas

Just got my PM today and this is a great idea man Christmas is suposed to be merry so if I can help Im in So my donation will be sent in the mail tomorrow Hopefully it gets there fast come on everyone christmas is only a month away so lets try and make it better for them. Thanks Greg this really touched my wife and I MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

Brian and Renee


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I'm in . Will pop a Money order out sometime this week. This Is a Great Idea !!! Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Win a Detector with whistles & bells la la la lala lala La la la la la la :lol::multi:!

Wow, it is a wonderful life! It's A Wonderful Life (1946) - Feature Film Thanks for the link Greg.

You guys and gails are truly a scene right out of the movie, the one where they heard that their friend George was in trouble and everyone came running to help.

Two brand new people, with their very first post at TQ being an offer to help… Thank you so much and welcome to the family! Who is going to step up and answer that awesome 20 ticket challenge?

And thanks to all of the faithful regulars that answer the call every time the trumpet sounds… some twice, you make this place special every day of the year.

Together we are making it happen! Thanks everyone, for doing what your heart is leading you to do.

Someone said they came running after they received a PM, that means somebody is really on the ball sending out PM’s. Great idea! Can someone be sure and get the word out to all the other MD’ing forums.

Here’s a challenge to our sponsors, got a digging tool, compass or anything lying around that you can add to the pot to make it a little sweeter?

If you have given to this cause in the past or are doing so now please post and let us know you’re on board.

I’ll get with Greg later and will post the totals about 10pm central time every night.

If you will, when you place you donation in the mail send Greg an email that day so we can add your gift to the nightly totals.

Thanks for making it a wonderful life,


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TO The Newbies, WELCOME to TQ and what a Wonderful First Post. God Bless the TQ members and their response to helping one of our own.
It's Truly as the Wizard Said... It's not how much you love my sentimental friend but how much your loved by others ! TQ is a perfect example of that. God Bless You All !

If this doesn't scream the meaning of Christmas, or what ever Holiday you do celebrate, I don't know what does! This is only my second post here at TQ but I can't let a challege go by without puttin my 2 cents in. To mgaliana I accept your challenge to match your donation and I'm in for 21 tickets. I will write the check as soon as I hit the send button here.
To all of us who find ourselves and those close to us in good health, take a moment to really appreciate what we have. To Bigbill Sheri and the rest of your family stay strong, and have comfort in knowing that there are people out there pulling and praying for you!

I have a paypal account with $15.00 in it however it isnt allowing me to send The $10.00 is there a P.O. box where I could send a Monry Order?
Welcome to the team bruinfan, fantastic first post. Boston Bruins or UCLA Bruins? I can’t tell if you just swished an awesome 3 pointer from the top of the key or slapped a winner from mid-ice, either way… Nice play! Thanks for stepping up to meet mgaliana’s generous 20 ticket challenge. Wow, 20 + 1, careful I’d hate (love) to see you two get into a friendly battle of top giver. lol. Anyone else care to join the 20+ club?

20+ Club members:

Thanks again bruinfan, to me your heart felt words of encouragement were almost as good as your financial gift.


Hey crazycasey, welcome to TQ! Another first post giver… Wow, you guys are amazing!

Sending $10 to help a total stranger is a great big help! THANKS so much! Not everyone is willing nor able to join the 20+ club, especially this time of the year.

It’s the $10 and $5 givers like you who are the very backbone of any and all fund raising endeavors.

Thanks for posting, I believe your post will help raise more money than anything else we’ve done so far. Because there are a lot of people out there right now that are only willing or able to send $5, but they don’t think that it is big enough to count so they don’t send it. I just want to say please go ahead and send it because together you folks will out give us all. Come Christmas morning it won’t matter if you gave $5 or $500 we will all share in the same joy.

You can send a check or money order payable to:

Treasure Quest
c/o Big Bill
240 Tunnel Rd
Smithfield, PA15478


Wow, you guys and gails are truly putting your money where you heart is. This all didn’t come in one day, this is the combined total of all gifts over the last few days.

As of right now (Sunday 11/25 10:30pm. ct) The Total is $852, WOW again! All we need now is about two hundred $5 givers and we would be there.

Like I said, this is about a week’s worth of giving so all you workers don’t rest, keep sending PM’s. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to buy a $5 raffle ticket, tell them about the good cause and the gift. You’ll be surprised how many will want to help… Invite them to the forum.

Here’s a list of givers so far, if I missed anyone who has given please email Greg and we will fix it.

God bless you all!

datsun medic
Transformations by Thomas
John Yeager
JC White
JohnWPA... 2nd gift