Donate your clads & you could win a new Ace 250 or Fisher 2 of your choice.


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Thank you everybody...

Congrats to everyone for making this possible for Bill and Sherri! This was such a blessing for this family.....

May everyone at TQ have a joyous and prosperous Christmas and New Year!

God bless:merrychristmas:

Congrats and thanx

Thanks and CONGRATS john!!!!!!!!

Thanks to every one for all your generosity.

Thanks Docdinar for handling this for greg and doing such a bangup job.

Thanks to greg for this wonderful forum and bringing so many good people together.

and a special thanks to Christina(gordiesgirl) sheri and i cherish your kindness and friendship.

May GOD Bless each and every one of you.


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Congrats to John. And I think that we are all winners here also. Merry Xmas Bill and Sheri. Buster.........:santa1:
Congratulations John,
Congratulations to everyone that made this a
True Treasure Quest!!!
Nothing is more sacred then Love & Friendship.
I belong to sevaral Forums(Treasure & Fishing) and this Forum is the First that I have been part of that step-up and did there part.
I am a new-B here, but I will visit more often, with hopes of contribiting to helping other Treasure Hunters.
Ya All,(ya I B a Little Country) are the BEST.
Got Huge Goose Bumps when I seen what we ALL were able to pull together for Bill,Sherri & Kids.
:merrychristmas: I want to Wish ALL of you a Safe & Joyous Holiday and New Year!!! :merrychristmas:

:grinningelf: Mark :grinningelf:
Congrats, John

congrats John....
We here at TQ are all winners in this. We came together as a group to help out one of our own in time of need. Sharon and I wish BigBill and family a :merrychristmas: along with everyone else here. We hope to be able to meet some of the "family" some time in the future for some md'g together. :merrychristmas: to all and a Happy New (md'g) Year.....:christmaswreath:


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Congratulations John,
Sheri andBill I hope this goes a little way in giving you and the boys a happier christmas,I feel proud and priveledged to be a part of it all these people are special. :snowman::christmastree1::snowman: