Down Home Feeling

herb n surf

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I have been detecting since the 70s' and still enjoy this hobby as much as ever .One of the things I enjoy are reading about my favorite hobby . I am a member of 5 metal detecting forums both here and Europe . Last week I was talking to one of my detecting buddies and I said that . " TQ is becoming my favorite forum because even though there are fewer post then some of the other forums , the people that post here seem to really care for the other guy (gal) ." A sense of being with people that I would like to meet in person and spend time with . A down home feeling that I have not seen reading other forums.. Take care and maybe one day we will shake hands.. Thanks..
Thanks for reminding me as to why TQ is my one and only forum. Got my first detector in 1970 while I was in the Navy. Thought it would keep me out of the gin mills and stop me from flirting with the ladies. Didn't work. It did turn into a great hobby though. I have had the pleasure of hunting with three other TQer's so far and hope to expand on that this summer. My sister has a place on the Gulf Coast so who knows, maybe we'll get to swing the coil together.:cool: