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Dowsing lessons #4—Primary program
Hello Dowsers, this is the main program that was gathered from the "Letter from Robin" dowsing pamphlet.

Definition of a program
Webster " A program in a plan or system under which action may be taken towards a goal"

Establishing "agreed upon" conditions with your dowsing system.
The purpose of programing is to achieve maximum accuracy , this is done by establishing with your dowsing system some mutually acceptable, pre-established, agreements and understanding about words , phrases , conditions and what is meant by different Pendulum, Wand and other dowsing tool movements.
If you have succeeded in getting your pendulum or wand to move to "yes" and "no" and back and forth between them, and have practiced a little bit, you are ready to proceed with programing your dowsing system.
Program installation is very easy–there are just 3 simple steps.
(A) "OBTAIN PERMISSION: with your dowsing instrument (Wand or Pendulum) swinging to the " ready for question" ask the dowsing system the following questions, " may I, can I, should I, ESTABLISH, CHANGE or ADD dowsing conditions and agreements or programs which will be continually in effect until changed by me"
If the dowsing tool (Wand or Pendulum) swings to " yes", go to step (B)
(B)–To input or establish a program: with the (Wand or Pendulum) still swinging to "yes" READ THIS PROGRAM OUT LOUD
"PRIMARY PROGRAM is to be continually in effect until I choose to make changes.
Covering the overall primary controls, limits, agreements and dowsing responses.
The purpose is to determine amounts, effects, conditions, circumstances, influences, times, measurements, distances, numbers, percentages and other requested areas.
Communications and Support is to be inter cooperative and restricted to my Superconscious , Spirit, Higher Self, My awareness, Mind Systems, Subconscious and related systems and all other levels of my total being and their approved Spirit Guides/Guardian Angles ,helpers and other chosen by me or any of the above.

Influences such as misleading thoughts, imaging, wishes, or any other conditions or methods by any source ,physical or non physical of any kind are not to take control of any of my systems or affect me adversely or cause incorrect dowsing answers without my permission.
(TIME) as related to dowsing is to be in my perceived time unless otherwise requested.
(ANSWERS) are to be selected from all available knowledge and information sources.
(The method of answering by the Pendulum or Wand or any dowsing systems is to be:
(1) Swinging up and down indicates ready for question or in the search mode ready for question changes to direction of travel to the requested item.
(2) Clockwise spin indicates "yes"
(3) Counterclockwise spin indicates "no"
(4)Swinging back and forth (left to right and right to left) is the search mode.

Temporary changes may be made by me while dowsing, reverting back after use
Program changes like adding, deleting or changing may be made by me, but by only using a three step system of my choice end of program thank you.

May I, Can I, Should I Program

With the Wand or Pendulum swinging to ready for question ask the dowsing system the following questions "May I, Can I, Should I, ESTABLISH ,CHANGE, or ADD dowsing conditions and agreements or programs which will be continually in effect until changed by me,If your wand or pendulum circles clockwise "yes" add the following program.

May I, Can I, Should I, Program
"May I, Can I, Should I Program is to become a working part of all my dowsing programs and be continually in effect until I choose to make changes,when used in reference to dowsing questions,the may I , Can I, should I,is to have the following meaning:
May I is to mean: Do I have appropriate permission to proceed and be involved?
Can I MEANS:Do I have the ability to successfully dowse in this area and am I ready?
Should I means:considering all aspects related to this situation would it be appropriate, proper and suitable to dowse in this area? end of program, thank you>
Final check:--ask the dowsing system: "Are the conditions or changes acceptable as presented,being clear and non-contradictory , and open to change by my request? if your Wand or Pendulum swings clockwise for "yes" you are finished.
Here is quotes from master dowser the late Verne L. Cameron
We must differentiate,it seems between the mind and the intellect . The intellect, I believe represents one's inherent, .limited,,capabilities and it is a very personal thing. The mind,however,may not be limited and is tapped into the infinity of all knowledge of the Universe the aboslute.
The vital life force of the DIVINER (A spiritual entity call it what you will ) is able to transport itself to any part of the known universe with the incredible speed of thought and is able to communicate with the dowser through his instrument by means of a pre-arranged code (Yes--No and -waiting for question)
If you have any questions,please post them and I will do my best to answer them--Have a good day---BERT-BERT
dowsing with L rods

Hi BERT-BERT thanks for putting lesson 4 up now its hope and pray that I can get the wand to work once Ive put the programme in,but that will be tomorrow after ive come back from detecting,goodluck to you if your out this weekend detecting,my wishlist for tomorrow is to find a medieval hammered silver coin,if im lucky enough to find one then ill be a happy chappie,goodluck from Paddywhack.
dowsing with L rods

Hi BERT-BERT still no joy unable to locate after installing programme 4,it looks like im a lost cause,does anyone else have the same problems as I am,i e unable to locate and lock on to the object,goodluck from Paddywhack.


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It sounds as though to me that you may have too many distractions around you while you are trying to install the program and while you are attempting your searches. I had a BAD TIME to start with but you have to learn to overcome the distractions...I know it is a hard thing to do but it has to be done. I have had to put cotton in my ears more than one time to drown out the outside interference.
Maybe BERT has some different ideas....:bthumb:




Dowsing lesson #4

Hello Paddywhack:
Howdy,I am sorry to hear that after you installed the Primary program that you still can't get the wand to search and find the item,Pappy is 100% right you must clear your mind of any external interferences and doubts,think positive, keep repeating to your self these words,I will succeed,I believe with all my heart that I can become a successful dowser,now when your mind is clear ask the following question,"all mighty God(supreme being) will you help me in my quest for answers to the questions I will ask? If your wand circles clockwise meaning "yes" you will get the help you need.
If you were close to me,I could have you dowsing in short order--Have a good day and don't give up,I don't like the word "I can't" If you say that you have already lost the battle---BERT
dowsing with L rods

Thanks Pappy and BERT-BERT I will not give up I am not a quitter just a bit disponded you are right when you say there IS to many distractions,in my garden I have 6 chickens running about traffic noises and people who keep poking their noses in,Ill get it right when I dont know Im in to much of a hurry rather desperate to succeed,when I become efficent with the wand it will cut out the aimless walking when detecting,when looking at programme 4 it mention that I can put my own programme in is it all right to ask the wand to locate metal objects,if so how would you install the programme,thanks for the advise and goodluck from Paddywhack.


Dowsing lessons #4

Attention all dowsers:
Greg has posted the pendulum dowsing videos that Pappy took with his digital video camera, the best is yet to come when Greg gets the videos downloaded from the camcorder tapes I sent him, these tapes will go into more detail on using the pendulum and wand also a video on map dowsing with a computer and mouse cursor.
Here is the URL where you can view the tapes.

Or just go to the Treasure Quest home and click on videos


Dowsing lessons #4

Hello Dowsers;
I haven't received any Questions concerning Dowsing for a couple of weeks,I hope everyone has not giving up on learning how to dowse,if so you are missing a golden opportunity,learning how to dowse will open up new fields in your search for treasures.
I sent Greg a DvD disk with the video lessons,and as soon as he downloads them to the forum I will let you know,on the videos are map dowsing and using the pendulum,these videos will show you how dowsing works---- BERT-BERT
dowsing with L rods

Thanks Bert-Bert thats good news,I was out detecting to day and used the L rod I got a strong signal and approached it from 3 angles each time at the same place,used the dector but no response,probably to deep but the next time the club goes back to that site I will take my deep seeker the minelab RELIC HAWK,and hope that it finds it,by the way I had a silver coin in my hand when using the L rod,I noticed on your pictures showing the rods and pendulums that you use ,what is the length of the wand,and what are the materials,or does size and materials not matter.I m still struggling trying to get the wand to lock on and locate a target,so im really looking forward to seeing the video of you using the wand,Good luck from P addywhack.


Dowsing lessons #4

Hello Paddywhack:
Welcome back,I thought I had lost you because I hadn't heard from you for awhile,and I'm glad that you are still practicing,I know you will succeed and become a master dowser,ok on using the L rods and marking a spot from 3 different directions,yes the item must be too deep for the detector. After you practice with the charts that tell you the motion the Pendulum and the wand makes for "yes" and "no",waiting for question,searching and direction of travel to the item,then when you say"give me a yes" did the wand start circling clockwise on its one without any help from you?? also when you say give me a "no" did the wand start circling counter clockwise on its one without any help from you??? same question for waiting for question and search motions??? You must not help the wand in any way,it must move in the directions indicated by your mental thoughts and only by your mental thoughts,If you try to help it move you will not get the right response and will fail with your dowsing.
The measurements of my wands and pendulums are 5 inches long for the spring pendulum,16 inches long for my miniature wand and my regular field dowsing wand is 28 inches long, it doesn't matter what metal you use,but I prefer brass or copper. Keep me posted---BERT-BERT


dowsing with L rods

Hi Bert-Bert,I get a response straight away when I ask the wand wether its a YESor NO,SEARCH,and WHEN i ASK A QUESTION,ONLY THING THAT IS NOT HAPPENING IS TRYING TO LOCATE AND LOCK ON to a target,I dont do it mentally I ask out loud,I hope Im doing right,also the wand that I have is 3/16th brass rod,Ive also made a one out of fencing wire,Rods I can get to work penduklum I can get to work,so Im looking forward to seeing the video of using the wand and seeing how you operate,many thanks goodluck from Paddywhack.
dowsing with L rods

Hi BERT-BERT I looking at the site every night and when I read a post that your good lady was in hospital I hope she has recovered,last week I used the L rod in the vegtable patch and this has been done to the limits with every detector that I have bought,I got a good response and followed it up from 3 angles,got the detector and up came a sixpence coin dating 1956,next was a one pence piece modern and a half pence boy was I chuffed success ? yippee,come sunday the detecting club have a new field to detect,there is oyster shells showing so it could well go back to roman times but if the field is littered with the shells then it could have been a dumping ground for waste etc,so I really looking forward to sunday,any mistakes for poor gramar the wifes gone to bed early and ive opened the whisky bottle,have a good night and Goodluck from Paddywhacky.


Dowsing lesson #4

Hello Paddywhack:
Yes,the wife is doing better but she has a way to go yet,thanks for asking.
Ok on finding the coins with the L rod and metal detector,you are on your way to becoming a very good dowser.
By the way,when you are using the "wand" and it goes into the search mode do you turn your body in a 360 degree circle while holding the wand out in front of you??? you have to turn your body in a circle so the wand can find and lock onto the direction to the coins.if you stand still and not turn in a circle the wand cannot locate the direction to the coins,Maybe this is what you are doing wrong ---- keep me posted---BERT-BERT
dowsing with L rods

Hi Bert-Bert yes I do turn my body when using the wand.the wandI have been practicing with is made of fencing wire with a pigs tail 5 inches from the handle from the pigs tail its 18 inches to the tip,today I removed the handle which is a copper tube which I could load with certain items,then I bent the rod to make a handle silver and a gold coin were plced in various places,I then taped a silver coin close to the tip of the rod and then I asked the rod to locate the silver coins,first sweep,nothing,second sweep,BINGO,the lock on to the silver coin was unreal I could feel the pull when trying to move the rod away,the rod from the pigs tail to the tipwas curving towards the target what a feeling,then I located the gold coin and the lock on to the coin was Very strong,when I located the gold coin I was holding a gold ring,the wind today was gusty so Im well pleased that the wand or is it now a rod ?performed,one thing I need to ask you is the handle on your wand either soldered or welded to the wire,or is it free to move in the handle,one thing I did notice since I bent the rod to make a handle I can still get respones to a YES/NO ASK A QUESTION/SEARCHbut I cant get clockwise or anti clockwise the rod does move for clock and anti but only up and down,but thatI will sought out tomorrow,Ill make another wand this time with pigs tail close to the handle and take it from there.Goodluck FROM P addywhack.
dowsing with L rods

Hi pappy thanks for the advice nice speaking to you I bought one of each and made a few adjustments to the rods read the post I sent to Bert-Bert,Pappy and Bert-Bertare my favourite two guys god bless you ,goodluck from Paddywhack.
dowsing with L rods

Hi to everyone its gone very quiet in this forum,is everyone out practicing or given up,me ive been practicing with different lengths of wands that I have making now I have the one thats suits me,I dont know if this has happened to anytone else with the new wand with silver coins and gold coins scattered around the vegetable patch,when the wand locks onto a target I find that when I try to move the wand away from the target the wand then starts to shake and the pull towards the coin is really strong,look forward to your replies.Goodluck from Paddywhack.