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Hello treasure seekers:
In this lesson I will give you information of what you can do with dowsing.
I can put my gold wedding band in the palm of my hand and then hold the handle of my wand and without saying anything the wand will enter the search mode and when it locks onto any gold in the room it will circle clockwise and point in the direction to the gold item,follow the direction the wand is pointing and when it is at the item it will again circle clockwise when it is directly over the gold, if there is more gold in the room it will start the search mode again and find the gold. If we can get together for the Treasure Quest hunt this fall I will demonstrate this method.
I can wrap a 20 dollar bill around the wands handle and not saying a word it will begin the search mode,if there is any 20 dollar bills in the area it will lock on and then point in the direction to the bill, follow the way the wand is pointing and when its directly over the bill it will circle clockwise,meaning yes the bill is here,what is really strange about this it will only pinpoint 20 dollar bills,If you use 100 dollar bills it will only point and find 100 dollar bills!!!!! I proved this to my wife who had been a skeptic, I knew she keep a stash of 1oo bills somewhere in the house,so I told her I could find where she keep the money,I wrapped a one hundred bill around the handle of the wand and it begins the search,"when the wands starts the search mode you must turn your body with the wand out in front of you in a 360 degree circle",as you circle and you get a hit or lock the wand will circle clockwise meaning it is locked onto a bill and then it will change from circling to an up and down movement you follow the way the wand is pointing and when the tip of the wand is over the item or bill it will circle clockwise again meaning yes the bill is here,now getting back to my search for my wifes money stash as the wand is searching I am turning in a circle the wand finds a lock and starts circling then it points to a bedroom closet I follow the direction of travel the wand is indicating and in the top closet shelf is a big Photo album the wand starts circling directly over the photo album I look inside the album but instead of pictures there there is lots of money"wow" she sure has been holding out on me(smile) I guess she calls it her mad money.
One other example of this working,I have a neighbor who has a cattle farm and I have dowsed 2 wells for him,the last well I dowsed he had his wife and his son and a friend of his standing around they got to asking about dowsing and I was showing how I found the well site,they were fascinated and I decided to show them I could find all the 20 bills they had,after wrapping a 20 dollar bill around the handle of the wand the wand started in the search mode as I turned the circle it pointed to his son and he said yes he had a 20 dollar bill then I asked if his friend had a bill and the wand indicated no and he said he didn't carry his wallet then I pointed the wand to my neighbor and asked does he have a 20 dollar bill on his person,they wand circled clockwise meaning he had a 20 dollar bill,he said I don't think so,he pulled out his wallet and looked but no 20 dollar,this was embarrassing because this was never wrong before,well we called it a day and later that evening my wife got a call from the neighbor and he told her he wanted to speak with me,he told me he was getting ready to take a shower and was taking off his shirt and felt something in the shirt pocket,He said low and behold there was a folded up 20 dollar bill in the pocket, he then said he remembered that he had sold a bale of hay that morning and had just stuck the bill in his shirt pocket,the dowsing gave the correct answer after all.
Well folks thats enough chatter for now,just remember the dowsing instrument has no power,the power is coming from a higher source through your super conscious mind and your body is acting as a receiver for the information and relaying it to your dowsing tool----I will be posting more dowsing info in the days to come----have a good night and BCNU---BERT-BERT


I have tried that with some success. It would search and point me in the direction, but when I went in the direction it would just stop moving.

I tried doing it when I was water hunting, while holding a gold ring in my hand.
I was standing about 40 or 50 yards from the waterline on the shore.
I must admit it was the first time I tried To do it in this manner.
This tells me I just need to keep on practicing.
dowsing with L rods

Hi Bert-Bert what a geat read thats what gets people interested in dowsing,being able to show people what they can achieve and it gets them off their backsides and do it,well try to do it,try and get your Memoirs on Dvds and watch your bank balance grow,goodluck from Paddywhack.