Electronic Receiver for LRL

I have an LRL and would like to take the dowsing rods out of the equation, because of too many subjective factors... I've read that the rods act similar to an electroscope and that one of your hands has a negative charge and the other has a positive charge... You can see this by standing over a visible target material with one rod in one hand... if the current hand you are using reacts, put the rod in the other hand and it will not react and visa versa... When using 2 rods and you get them to cross - notice that 1 rod always starts to close first
and the the other follows to line up with the first rod. The rod moving first is reacting to the material while the second rod is reacting to the first rod...
Anyways just more info...
Back to my original point - assuming that the rods or rod is an electroscope, why could I not use a milliguass meter to measure the ellectromagnetic field along the signal line/target that has been detected with the LRL/rods ???
All this is assuming the technique of physical dowsing with the aid on a function generator, as I do not think pure dowsing works for me, but works for others...
Hey Goldfvr....When I stand over a silver dollar ( one foot on each side) and my feet are in a direction of north and south or east and west of the coin using one rod both will turn in. If I turn 45 degrees neither will turn.

If I stand East, west, north or south with both feet on that side of the coin the rod closest to the target will turn and point to the target and the other will point inward as usual.

There were six of us that were measured with a volt meter one day. Some had a positive hand and a negitive hand and a mill-volt reading that was different for each. The ones who had no readings were dowsers to. Our volt meter may have not have been good enough to read every one.

Just a little umput because someone is going to find out how to eliminate the rods and I will welcome that day...Art

Art, with the test you described with the coin, were you using an LRL or just pure dowsing ??? Sounds like you were using pure dowsing, unless you were changing the position of the machine to perpendiculate the first position.

Yes everyone will posess varying charge potential thru ones hands...
To measure this accurately you must use an amperage differential meter.

I'm going to be playing around with a milligauss meter to measure directional electromagnetic fields... hopefully can pick up readings where there is a signal line detected
Hey goldfvr.....I did use physical dowsing to make my answer. I use both electronic and physical dowsing to prospect. There is little difference between the two. Physical dowsing has some limits as to the distance objects can be detected. The smaller the object the shorter the signal line is ( a flake of gold is about 45 feet long, a 1/4 oz. nugget a little over a 1/4 mile.. Another draw back is that I can only detect these signals in the cardinal directions from the objects. As you know the LRL will establish a signal line 360 degrees from it to the target and the only distance limit is the range of your unit. Something that is common to both is micro-gold...Art