Equinox 800 and Excalibur II


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Ohhh, new toys, how nice. Nice water machine and I hope that 800 works good for you too. I wondered if you were quitting or doing a reorganization. Glad it was the latter but with your wrist surgery was wondering. I am sure you will let us know what you think when you start using them.


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The best part of the two new machines is that they were both paid for by recovery jobs in one year!

I've mentioned before that I'm on a site called theringfinders.com and the membership has paid off nicely. I average about two calls a month, more in the summer, less in the winter.

My rates are:

$1.10 per mile (one way)

$100.00 per hour (land recovery)

$125.00 per hour for water recovery (up to 3 feet deep)

$150.00 per hour for water recovery (3' - 5')

$200.00 per hour for water recovery ( 5' to 12') Plus scuba equipment rental

$400.00 per hour for water recovery (12' - 25') Plus scuba equipment rental (dive partner included)