Erratic Behavior X 70

Hello all. I got my X 70 out the other day. Been a while since I used it. Purchased new in 2006. Maybe ran about 5 or 6 sets of batteries through it since. On my last began acting erratically. This even after I auto tuned on ground balance and noise cancel (several times) and at lowered sensitivity settings. It is so erratic...I can actually point it up in the air and still getting wild signals. Also...if I snap it side to side (not in a violent way) seems to influence the tones emitting. Any ideas? Is it toast? Thanks in advance.


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first thing I would do is check the coil cable connections, wiggle both ends see if it makes a difference. take the batterys out and look in the compartment with a flashlight and check for corrosion. if all seems ok try a factory reset. I cant remember how to do one but the manual explains how to do it. does it have a coil cover on it? if so remove it and clean it out.
Hello Howdy. It does have a coil cover on it. Prior to my outing...I actually took it off and cleaned both the cover and coil in kitchen sink. I have wiggled the coil end of the doesnt affect it. Yet...If I wiggle it up towards the seems to influence it. Connections are tight. I have checked for corrosion and I see none. Thank you for response,


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If the connection at the box influences it. Get some Electro Wash type stuff. Radio Shack should sell it. Spray it in the connector, both sides. Let sit and shake out. See what happens, Beale.
I have had the same problem both with my X70 and my old X50. Both times I traced it down to loose batteries. They don't fit in very tight. I have also seen other posts on other sites talking about the same issues. When you start having that behavior check your batteries first.