Explorer II and gold ring question

Hi all, I was curious what a gold ring will read using the Smartfind on the Explorer II?
I know this is not the machine to use for gold detecting, but when I search parks and beaches and happen to pass over one I am curious what numbers might be displayed.
I find silver with this detector like it is nobodys business, but have never came across any gold as of yet.
Any input on this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED !!!

Thanks for reading my post!

:) James
Gold can many tones because of the type 10 k 14k and so on large or small never the same that is why dig all there have been shotgun shells here I was digging all of them and on was a 1964 class ring same tone. I do not look at the screen on my dfx but on the excal ll its tones only. dig all thats how I find gold. Welcome to the site